Best free video editing app for android for 2022!

Best free video editing app for android: A time has passed when video editing could only be done on a desktop computer. Not any longer, though. One of the best video editing apps for iOS and Android devices will allow you to create engaging content on the go. Free access to them is a game-changing feature. You can make professional-looking commercials or completely ludicrous movies for YouTube in a couple of minutes with an Android or iPhone and a free video editing app. it can be accomplished by finding out which features you need and which program can be the most user-friendly for you. In this article, we will discuss more best free video editing apps for android.

Best Free video editing app for android:

Due to the abundance of available apps, choosing a trustworthy video editing program can be challenging. It is recommended that you pick the video editing software that best meets your needs in terms of features and ease of use. The budget is also essential. Our preferred video editing programs offer a 3- to a 7-day free trial, so customers may try out the app before buying it. Following are best free video editing app for android for 2022.


FilmoraGo Video Editor is expert-level software for editing Android phone videos. This PC editing app has the most options. You may make a slideshow from your media files, cut, merge, crop, rotate videos, and add background music or voiceovers. There are a lot of unique special effects that can be accessed within the program, such as animated text and title effects, motion components, overlay effects, and filter effects. Because of the intuitive design of the interface, you’ll have no problems modifying your videos or sharing them with the public.


VivaVideo is widely considered to be among the most incredible software and one of the best apps for video editing. The storyboard allows video clips to be imported, edited, and trimmed quickly. Your final product will have a more polished look and feel thanks to the inclusion of filters, effects, text/titles, fast/slow motion, and more, and sharing it with your friends will be a breeze. There is a watermark and time limit on how long your videos can be seen online with the free edition of VivaVideo.

QuickTime Movie Maker:

If you want to generate a professional-looking video with minimal effort, go no further than the GoPro Quik Video Editor. To make a short video using your favorite photos and videos from your Android device, Facebook, or Instagram, you need only select the media you want to use, and the app will do the rest. You can quickly and easily share a movie you’ve customized with friends with transition effects, titles, filters, music, and other components.


When it comes to video editing, KineMaster has you covered. It has a timeline that can accommodate many tracks, and you can drag & drop files onto the timeline to rearrange them. It also offers a multitrack timeline to help you manage your tasks better. In addition, it has robust video editing features and a wide range of tools for enhancing video quality. The video can have a voice-over, text, and transitions added to it.


Despite its limited functionality, Funimate is undoubtedly one of the most amusing video editing apps. You’ll have the tools to create professional-quality images and sound slideshow. It claims to have over 30 video effects for you to experiment with, and the editing procedure is simple so that you may add more fun, originality, and creativity to your movie. In addition to showing your movies to your family and friends, you can upload them to sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Magisto and best free video editing app for android:

The Magisto program can automatically create a music video from any video clips you upload with as few as three simple clicks of the mouse. First, compile your video material and still, images, choose your music, and last, add a title. Those individuals who don’t have much time to spend on video editing but want professional results will find this software an excellent option.


You can make, modify, and share videos correctly from your Android device using the cloud-based collaborative video editing service WeVideo. The app is promoted as “one-stop shopping.” It provides you with skillfully prepared themes that you may apply to your work to use preexisting music and design aesthetics. In addition, you can substitute your piece if you choose. When you’re done customizing the video, you may publish it to the app’s internal network or share it via several other social media platforms.


AndroVid is a powerful video editor that makes cutting, trimming, editing, and adding music easy. It’s easy to cut out the bits of a video that you don’t like and rapidly edit together a new version of your film. One further perk is that you may use it to embellish your movies with titles, stills, and sound effects. Your video can have slow, fast, switching, and fade-in/out transitions. You choose which sequences from your films to show first. It can build presentations with music and animated transitions.

Spark by Adobe and best free video editing app for android:

Adobe Spark is a free program that helps you easily create professional-looking videos in a short amount of time without sacrificing fun. You can choose from an extensive library of transitions, effects, and background scores when putting up your video. In addition, the program may automatically assemble a video from the images you’ve submitted, saving you the trouble of doing so manually. Open it in Adobe Premiere Pro on your PC or Mac after you’re done editing to make any final adjustments. It’s appropriate for sharing on social media.


Video editing and management app VidTrim Pro is optimized for Android devices. In terms of features, it’s got a lot to offer: snipping, grabbing frames, adding video effects, extracting audio, and transcoding, to name a few. Many people consider it among the best Android video editing apps due to its comprehensive, helpful features and user-friendly layout. It’s not free, but you can try it out for free to see whether it works for you before committing to paying for it.


Regarding the resources, a device can use, video editing is near the top of the list. To operate well with computers, you need good specifications, lots of RAM, storage space, and some familiarity with the ins and outs of the system. Numerous people all over the world regularly use their smartphones to record video. Because the new flagship cameras are so fantastic at video, you should edit it. Above best free video editing app for android are mentioned.


Does it make sense to use an Android device for video editing purposes?

If you want to edit videos professionally, you’ll need a computer, but if you only need to make a few minor tweaks, you may use an Android mobile instead.

Which video editing program do most YouTube producers use?

It has been found that the three most popular video editing programs among YouTube creators. If you’re just getting started, the first choice is ideal because it may also be used as a tool for learning.