Interesting facts to know about Craft boba tea!

Craft boba tea is a type of iced tea that was first created in Taiwan. The odd combination of sweet and salty components of this Taiwanese dessert drink contributed to its meteoric rise to popularity in the 2000s. The tapioca pearls included with this milky tea drink are a dead giveaway that the beverage is not what first-time drinkers initially believe it to be. If you want to comprehend bubble tea, whether you are a die-hard lover or a cynic of the phenomenon, reading on will supply you with all the knowledge you need to understand bubble tea, from its roots to its contemporary interpretation. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about craft boba tea.

The flavour of craft boba tea:

Taiwan’s Chun Shui Tang Tea House is primarily acknowledged as the birthplace of bubble tea. The company’s namesake and namesake, Liu Han-Chieh, opened up shop in the early 1980s, serving cold Chinese tea. After visiting Japan and seeing that coffee was served iced there, he began adding different fruits and syrups to his teas back home. This journey catalyzed his creative breakthrough.

What is craft boba tea?

Everyday bubble tea is made by pouring Assam tea over ice and shaking it with milk or non-dairy creamer.  This “flavour” of boba tea, which includes tapioca pearls, is still quite popular and is among the most sought after.

When preparing your bubble tea, what are the necessary procedures?

Pearls of tapioca flour:

Now that you know where bubbles tea came from and what flavours are typically used, it’s time to try making it yourself. First, we’ll review some basics you’ll need to get started.

Pearls of tapioca flour:

Many drinkers consider the chewy, gelatinous, black pebbles sucked up from the straw to be an essential part of bubble tea. Cooking time for these tapioca pearls is minimal, making them a do-it-yourself staple. Black tapioca pearls can be cooked quickly and easily using the method described below.

Ingredients of craft boba tea:

Water equivalent to ten cups, or 2.5 litres

You’ll need 1 cup of quick-cooking tapioca pearls.

Method of craft boba tea preparation:

Start the water boiling fast:

The pearls should float to the surface of the liquid after being added. Cover and cook the concoction over low heat for about three minutes. As soon as the vegetables show softness, remove the skillet from the heat and let it sit for another two to three minutes. Since the pearls will harden as they cool, it’s best to cook them until they’re a little softer than you’d typically like. When done, remove from heat and place sugar syrup in a bowl to cool. If you want to get the most out of the pearls, use them as soon as they have cooled down.

The Manager of a Bubble Tea Shop:

The popularity of bubble tea may be riding high, but many people still have questions about it. Other than those who have worked in a bubble tea shop, most people have no idea what everything goes into making a cup of bubble tea. I’ve decided to write this article: I am a bubble tea drinker and own and operate a bubble tea restaurant in my native country.

Collecting the World’s Best Bubble Tea Recipes:

One reason for bubble tea’s popularity is the variety of flavours, additions, and combinations that may be made to the beverage. In some restaurants and cafes today, you can order a drink with a unique flavour profile that doesn’t involve tea, instead relying on coffee or even dessert. Puddings are similar in texture and flavour to egg custard and blancmange. Bubble tea shops in every Asian country usually provide pudding as a topping choice.

Could Bubble Tea Be Harmful to Your Health?

A simple Google search for “is pizza unhealthy” will return dozens of articles warning readers that pizza, even the classic Margherita pizza made with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, is terrible for them. If you order a lovely milk tea with cream, toppings, and potentially even a double serving of boba, you are drinking something that could be called a cheat to your diet weekly. In doing so, you will consume a beverage with a high-calorie count.

Is bubble tea easy to make?

To make bubble tea, combine the necessary ingredients in a shaker and serve immediately. Nothing could be easier than that. The internet is rife with how-to videos demonstrating the art of making bubble tea. Anyone can create bubble tea, but only a skilled barista can offer an excellent cup to their customers. Preparing the tea and the tapioca pearls is just one of several steps that must be taken before opening the bubble tea shop.

Is summer the right time for bubble tea?

Due to its cooling effects, many believe that bubble tea is best enjoyed during the warmer months. The fact is that many drinks can also be served hot so that bubble tea can be enjoyed all year long. Even while drinking bubble tea in the winter may seem out of place, people do so. Months. Revenue at a bubble tea establishment typically increases throughout the summer.

What’s with the bubble tea craze?

This beverage appears to be on the cusp of becoming an unstoppable craze due to the proliferation of bubble tea outlets in various cities across the United States and Europe. During the colder months, however, you should prioritize varying the products or services you offer to maximize your revenues. However, some individuals do drink bubble tea when it’s cold outside, and this is not an unusual practice at all.

The act of sharing a cup of bubble tea is a beautiful icebreaker:

The phrase “hang out with friends” can refer to various activities, including going to restaurants, movies, and nightclubs. Sharing a round of bubble tea is another fun activity to do with your pals. While listening to K-pop or Mandopop, you two can take a stroll or chat over dinner. Sharing a round of bubble tea with your pals is a fun way to get together and chat. Some people also find it helpful to drink it when working or studying with others.

Which can you modify to suit your needs?

Tea, milk, and tapioca pearls go into the classic bubble tea recipe, with the pearls sitting at the bottom of the cup. Regardless, you can choose from a wide array of green tea, black tea, milk tea, and even alcoholic beverages based on tea, all of which feature unique flavours and aromas. Like how you would customize your go-to pumpkin spice latte or blended coffee drink at your local coffee shop, you can do the same with bubble tea. More precisely, bubble tea is your exotic alternative to the behaviours most commonly associated with coffee.


Several baristas worked feverishly to serve everyone as swiftly as they could. It’s possible that this was the scene outside your favourite coffee shop in the city centre before the COVID-19 pandemic. If not, it’s likely the scene that typically unfolds outside a bubble tea store. Some people haven’t heard of bubble tea yet, while some may have just had it for the first time an hour ago, and others are already addicted to this delicious and refreshing drink that looks as good as it tastes.


Why is craft boba tea popular?

Boba has few health benefits, but its calories and carbs may offer you energy. High sugar concentration in boba teas has been linked to diabetes and obesity.

Can Muslims partake in boba tea?

The great majority of bubble tea offerings are halal-certified. The most prevalent cause for alarm when it comes to bubble tea is the exploding bobs, tapioca balls or pearls. These bobas are comparable to candies and jellies made from gelatin.