Best Home depot hose reel and buying guides for 2022!

Home depot hose reel: The weeds have been removed from the flower beds, the lawn has been mowed, and the bushes have been clipped. Your garden and yard are beautiful, with the notable exception of the tangled mass of hose that is located in one corner. On the market, you might find a selection of hose reels. It depends on the size of the area you have available, the type of gardening you do, and your finances. Below you’ll find a summary of our top picks across multiple categories and some pointers on choosing the best home depot hose reel for your specific needs.

Buying guides for home depot hose reel:

Watering your lawn correctly involves carefully considering several factors when selecting a garden hose reel. Three considerations are the yard’s size, the hose’s length, and the hose’s diameter. It would help if you also considered whether or not a manual hose spinner is necessary, as well as whether or not you require storage for gardening equipment.

Flow Rate of the Hose and Home depot hose reel:

The length of the hose that will be wound onto the reel should be your primary concern when searching for a hose reel. If you want to water a specific region but aren’t sure how long of a hose you need, measure the distance from the water spigot to that spot. It’s not a good idea to try to win a hose that’s 200 feet long onto a reel that can only hold 150 feet, as the extra hose will either spill out or prevent the revolution from winding correctly.

On the Front Lines as a Front-Line Leader:

Nearly all garden hose reels come with a leader hose that may be run from the revolution to the water supply. Before purchasing a new hose or connecting an old one, ensure the diameters are suitable by checking the product information on the packaging. You cannot thread two hoses together if their inside diameters are different.

Portable vs Permanent Solutions:

Hose reels can be permanently installed in one place, like the side of your house, or they can be made mobile, with wheels or stakes, to be taken wherever the hose is needed. Before settling on a landscaping plan, think about your property’s proportions. A metal hose reel cart’s portability could be handy if your expansive yard.

Manual and Automatic Transmission:

A manual hose reel has a crank that must be cranked by hand to win the hose onto the reel. On the side of the rotation of the automatic kind is a button that, when depressed, winds the hose without further intervention. Most of them derive their juice from lithium-ion batteries.

Best home depot hose reel:

Liberty Garden Multi-Directional Garden Hose:

This Liberty Garden reel is a high-quality option for a traditional-style mounted reel due to its sturdy steel construction and weather-resistant coating. Reel features include a 5/8-inch-diameter hose capacity of 125 feet, a 5-foot-long leader line, and a tray for storing extra nozzles and accessories. The reel can be spun through a full 360 degrees with the help of a pull-up lever on top, and it can be secured in eight secure positions to prevent hose waste.


This product is constructed out of weatherproof steel.

Includes a 5-foot leader hose and a storage tray and can handle hoses up to 125 feet in length.

A full 360 degrees of rotation are included.


There was just one option for the colour.

Liberty Garden 707 Wall Mount home depot hose reel:

Liberty Garden’s wall-mounted hose reel is constructed from metal and finished with a durable powder coat to prevent rust. The beauty is accentuated by the use of brass and galvanized connections. The reel’s leader hose is 5 feet long. Users can easily and quickly withdraw the hose from its storage place as needed and rewound it using the hand crank after usage. A guide keeps the hose from twisting or kinking while it is rotated or unwound.


Made with a powder-coated aluminium frame to prevent rust

This set has everything you need to get started, including a hose guide and a 5-foot-long leader hose.

Packaged with a handy tray for easy organization


No screws or brackets are provided.

Yard Butler’s hose hanger holds up to 100 feet of 5/8-inch hose and is priced affordably. It can be mounted at the standard height or raised slightly, and then a longer hose can be suspended using huge loops of varying lengths. Extra bracing and a unique design in the 12-gauge powder-coated steel keep the hose from sagging, eliminate crimps, kinks, and tangles, and extend its lifespan. All these advantages work together to make the hose long-lasting.


The powder coating and 12-gauge steel used in its construction guarantee their longevity.

Supports a maximum of 100 feet of 5/8-inch hose

A hose hanger is included, and you may choose several hues.

Easily obtainable in a wide range of shapes and styles



It may not function properly on all walls.

Garden Hose Holder Sorbus Manger Stand:

The yard, farm, and garden are all easily navigable. With its two 16-inch pneumatic tires, this hose reel may be rolled easily over various surfaces. A 5-foot-long leader hose with brass and galvanized connectors are included. The basket on the back of the portable hose reel makes it easy to carry things like tools and supplies. In addition, the construction will last for a long time without rusting, thanks to the 13-gauge steel and powder-coated finish.


Suitable for hoses up to 5/8 inches in diameter and 125 feet in length

Weatherproofed with thick steel plates

The wheels make it convenient to move around.



Constrained mobility requirements apply.

Industrial Grade home depot hose reel:

This low-priced stand is 34.75 inches tall, has a rounded base, and is made of powder-coated, heavy-gauge steel for rust and corrosion resistance. Cost-effective and able to hold a garden hose up to 125 feet in length with a 5/8-inch inside diameter. This hose stand should be set in the ground; however, it should not be set up in very sandy or loose soil. Next, attach the hose directly to the fixture without using a leader. The three long anchor points at the foot of the stand maintain their steadiness.


Steel construction with 13-gauge thickness and solid brass hardware

No assembly is required, and the three-pronged stakes ensure it stays put.

With a handy basket built-in


Priced slightly higher than equivalent products sold by other brands

Retractable Giraffe Hose Reel for the Garden:

Different parts of the yard provide unique vantage points from which to water the lawn or garden. This hose reel is wall-mountable and features a bracket that can be turned through 180 degrees, allowing for comprehensive grass coverage from any angle retractable 124-foot garden hose makes watering easy and reduces the risk of tripping over the excess hose. The automatic hose guide prevents kinking while retracting. The hose has nine spray patterns.


Automatic hose guide retraction and an integrated 124-foot hose with 180-degree rotation are part of the package.

There are nine distinct spray settings.

All necessary mounting hardware is provided.


Disproportionally heavy as compared to competing models

Water Hose Holder by BIRD ROCK HOME:

Water hose holders like this are a great way to keep your garden hose from getting tangled up and out of the way while not using it. The device helps the user direct the hose into the pot by allowing them to win it around the pole in a circle. After storing the hose, the user can unhook the pole and stack other items for easy access. The pot’s steel frame and copper plating make it lightweight and durable. It’s great for patios and backyards.


Features a removable pole for coiling up to 100 feet of hose

Metal construction

It has a drain and a plug in case there is flooding.

Crafted with flair and individuality


The possibility of corrosion increases if it is exposed to the weather.


For heavy-duty hoses or landscaping, we recommend the Liberty Garden Multi-Directional Hose Reel due to its sturdy build, sleek design, ability to store more than 125 feet of standard hose length, convenient extra functions, and convenient transportation afforded by its 360-degree swivel. The Yard Butler comes in many different looks, but they’re all straightforward and durable. It can hold up to 100 feet of hose at once, making it useful for moderate watering and regular outdoor maintenance.


Where can I get the most excellent hose reel for my money?

Home depot hose reel: Finding a garden hose reel that fits the length and diameter of your hose is essential. The size of your backyard determines a mobile or fixed system. Invest in the most excellent hose reel cart for a large yard.

To what extent do metal hose fittings outperform their plastic counterparts?

Compared to plastic counterparts, brass hose fittings are more durable and long-lasting. When compared to plastic, brass fittings have a longer lifespan. Price-wise, brass is a lot more than plastic.