How To Find Printer Ip Address?

How To Find Printer Ip Address? Trying to figure out the IP address of your printer but can’t. Fortunately, the process isn’t too difficult. The following is a list of options. We want to assume that most individuals these days know how to find their computer’s or router’s IP address. However, what about the addition of a printer? Fortunately, it isn’t too difficult. Finding your computer’s IP address is a completely separate process.

To learn more, keep reading. If you wish to connect your printer to your network or resolve any issues, you’ll need to know its IP address. When it comes to printing, the IP address of your printer is a lot like a street address. If you don’t have it, you can’t send your printer any print jobs.

How To Find Printer Ip Address?

How To Find  Printer IP Address (Windows 10):

Then, go to the Control Panel, then Hardware, then Printers. Select Properties from the context menu of the right-clicked printer. If you only see three options, click Web Services to find your IP address. If five tabs display, your IP address may also be found in the Ports tab. Using the Command Prompt (CMD), you may discover your printer’s IP address. By hitting the Windows key and typing cmd, you can access the Command Prompt. You can do this by entering the command netstat -r. To continue, hit the Enter key.

Method 1: Use The Printer’s Display:

If your printer has an LCD, you should be able to see the printer’s IP address in the Settings menu.

Method 2: Printer Properties:

  • Control Panel on Windows provides the IP address of the printer.
  • Go to Devices > Printers and Scanners in the Settings menu.
  • Manage your printer by clicking on it in the list.
  • To access printer settings, select Printer Properties from the File menu.
  • The Location field can be found under the General tab of the app. The IP address of your printer can be found there.

Method 3: Use The Command Prompt:

The address of your printer can also be discovered through Command Prompt. By hitting the Windows key and typing cmd, you can access the Command Prompt. You can do this by entering the command netstat -r. To continue, hit the Enter key. Your computer’s network devices will be listed alphabetically in this window.

Method 4: Use The Router:

If you’re still having trouble, the router’s gateway should show you where your printer’s IP address is. It’s impossible to give specific instructions because no two routers’ menus are organized similarly. In any case, it should be within your grasp if you do a little digging around.

Onboard Configuration:

The onboard printer menu can be used to find out a printer’s network IP address. Because of this, you may need to consult the printer’s manual to learn how to locate the correct menu screen. These procedures should get you to the right place on most printers. To access the networking or network configuration menu, use the corresponding buttons to get to that menu area and hit Enter.

What Are DHCP, BOOTP, Ethertalk, And Manual:

You may be asked to choose from various options to access the printer’s network settings. These are the most prevalent modes, along with brief descriptions. The most popular configuration is DHCP, which is generally the default. When connected to a DHCP network, the printer’s network settings, including its IP address, are automatically assigned. To manually configure the printer’s network settings, you can select this option and use the keypad to do so—ethernet printer communication via EtherTalk, a dated AppleTalk protocol.

How To Find Printer Ip Address Printer Properties:

Enter printers & scanners or devices and printers by using the Windows key. Find the printer with the IP address you’re looking for in the displayed printers list. The Locations box on the General page may sometimes display the IP address. Take the following step if this is the case. Select the Ports tab in the Printer Properties window and click OK. The printer’s IP address may be listed in the port list.

On A Router:

  • Ascertain your router’s security settings.
  • Use any web browser’s address bar to type into the address field.
  • DHCP tables and lists can be found in the host’s file.
  • Open the Client List or the DHCP Client Table.
  • To get your printer’s IP address, click on it.

Alternatively, you can visit or the HP Smart app to start with HP Smart. Select Printer Settings from the drop-down Menu.Under Tools, select Printer Reports. Click the Network Configuration button. Your IP address will be printed on a network configuration page generated by the printer. The IPv4 category will house it. 2

From The CUPS (Macintosh) Website:

Open the Applications folder on your desktop—open-source software. Make sure you have a terminal open. Type WebInterface=yes in cupsctl WebInterface=no command line option. To continue, hit the Enter key. Launch the Safari web browser. In your browser, type in localhost:631/printers.

Using A Chromebook:

  • Open the Settings menu by clicking on it.
  • Click on “Advanced.”
  • Make sure to save all of your printer options under Printers.
  • Right-click on your printer in the list of saved printers.
  • To begin, click the Set Up button.
  • Select Model from the drop-down Menu.

Printed By A Canon Printer:

Locate and select Settings and Adjustments on your printer. Using the Set or Adjust Menu, select the desired option. Right-click to accept. The IP Address Menu can be expanded. Choose Interface Setup from the Setup menu. TCP/IP should be selected.


The printer’s IP address may be shown at the top of the network settings dialogue box. The IP address can be found by clicking on submenus such as View Wireless Details if you don’t see it. If you’re using a wireless printer, you’ll find the network setting in the printer menu under Preferences, Options, or Wireless Settings. In most circumstances, this IP address cannot be manually set. When a device connects to your home network, your wireless router automatically provides an IP address. Knowing your printer’s IP address is critical to configuring it to work on a network.


What’s An IP Address On A Printer and How To Find Printer Ip Address??

Using your printer’s MAC or physical address, you may look up the IP address of that device on the internet.

How To Find Printer Ip Address Do or can I Manually Add?

Right-click the printer and select Printer Properties from the context menu. Note the name of your printer’s driver in the Advanced and Driver sections.

How To Find Printer Ip Address Located?

Go to the settings on your phone and turn off the location services. Take a look at “About device.” Select “Status” from the drop-down Menu.