Is it necessary to have my automobile or truck tuned following the installation?

Our On3 Performance dual-turbo systems make heavy use of this turbo. Our single-turbo applications have reached 600rwhp, while our twin-turbo applications have topped 1200rwhp. This engine especially shines in applications with power outputs ranging from 400 hips to 700 hp. There is a lot of this turbo on the road, creating fantastic power, and we’ve been selling them since roughly 2009. When our turbo was initially tested, it was in a 1993 Ford Cobra 347ci with 10.1x’s at 8 psi.

On3 performance- Description:

Though there are no hard data for this exact vehicle, it was previously running 13 psi on a 70mm On3 Performance turbo to get a nearly comparable track number. Inquiries from three customers interested in upgrading to this performance turbo kit: If you buy an On3 Performance Turbo system, the price drops to $399.

On3 Performance 2002 GT:

We have used our turbo from a daily driver to a weekend cruiser. These devices are extremely powerful and reliable if set up properly. The On 3 Performance 2002 GT on our website is equipped with our 70mm unit and has been driven daily, put through a few passes at the track, and logged more than 20,000 miles.

Turbo work application:

Messages asking if this turbo will work with your application are not welcome here. The turbots specifications are listed above, and we recommend using it on at least 3.0-liter engines. We don’t have all the answers and don’t know if every kit is a bolt-in upgrade. The upgrade is usually straightforward, although you may have to cut or weld something.

Turbo Feed and Drain is a great option:

We typically use a feed of 1/8′′ and a return of 5/8′′ to protect the longevity of your turbocharger. It is critical because if it isn’t proportioned correctly, you risk damaging the goods. It is necessary to use an oil feed restrictor with the On 3 Performance Turbochargers ceramic BB line.


Any address in the lower 48 states is eligible for free shipping on this kit. Upon checkout, shipping costs will be displayed and itemized in the shopping basket. What about a little friendly rivalry? Post a link to your build on the “On 3 88mm List” with your HP and track times.

Specifications for the Turbocharger:

Two of our existing well-known turbochargers formed the basis of our turbo system. The On 3 55mm GT30 turbocharger will be the first choice. In the 450-500 horsepower range, this is your best bet for the fastest spooling possible. Despite a somewhat slower spool-up time, the On3 Performance 61mm GT35 is the best we have to offer in terms of horsepower. Two additional options will be available to you when placing your order for your system.

Technical Cold Side:

We developed a 2.5-inch charge pipe from the turbo to the large 7-inch core On 3 Performance air-to-air intercooler to address the cold side. Redline power will be hampered by the OEM intercooler’s IATs, too high. The factory air to air can no longer handle the amount of airflow, and the engine is now being supplied with hot air. As the temperature rises, the computer begins to lose power by using the new 7′′ On 3 Intercooler to reduce air temperature.

Status as of 1/22/21:

For those who have pre-ordered a single pre-production system kit, it will be shipped out on Friday, 1/25. We’re now working on a few other systems ready in a week or two. If you’ve been waiting a long time for a kit, don’t miss out on this order window. Since its debut in 2011, On3 Performance has developed turbo systems for the Coyote 5.0. For the first time, we introduced our wildly successful twin-turbo system, which customers have used for five years and counting.

Coyote 5.0:

To accommodate clients currently running 9.99s or faster, we have to enlarge our Quickest Coyote List from 10 slots to nearly 20 spots. Some customers want a Coyote 5.0 single turbo system, and we can see why. If you’re building your automobile in your garage, this system will be a little easier to put together.

Spec on the hot side:

We’re not making the stainless cast manifold an option like the twin system for our single turbo kit. Over 1500rwhp, we’ve proved a revised version of our forward-facing manifolds. We wanted to keep the factory member and not use an aftermarket tubular one while designing the turbo kit. A 2.5-inch 304ss merging pipe connects the turbo manifolds to your turbo. Dual on 3 Performance 44mm waste gates were installed to ensure precise boost control.

Specifications regarding the vehicle’s performance:

To date, one of our finest and most powerful turbochargers has been the inspiration for our conversion kit. 2nd Gen Performance 76mm on 3 with CNC Billet Wheel and Anti-Surge Inlet Compressor Cover, 3.0′′ Outlet. It is our latest generation of performance 76mm On 3. When we tested this turbo, we saw 916 rear-wheel horsepower at 12psi thanks to its ability to keep back pressure low.


Additionally, you’ll note that we provide a variety of exhaust options. The entire turbo-back exhaust that connects to the cutback is included in every kit. A more race-inspired exhaust option is the bumper exit design, which is becoming increasingly popular. It is purely a matter of taste, and your decision should be based on the goals you hope to achieve. You must have an improved axle-back system if you intend to run full exhaust. Full exhaust through stock mufflers will result in a significant restriction and high backpressure.


Is it necessary to have my automobile or truck tuned following the installation?

Definitely! It is a critical part of the total setup because it determines how well and how long the car will last.

If you’re having trouble placing your order or it’s being refused, let us know?

You must ship to the billing address for all credit card companies. Even if a company does not need this, they are still liable if something goes wrong.

How does a turbocharger regulate its output?

It all comes down to the On 3 Performance wastegate that comes pre-installed in your turbo system.

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