Ways to fix Roku remote blinking green!

Roku remote blinking green is usually a sign that something is wrong. You should find out what is wrong and try to fix it as soon as possible. If the green light on the Roku remote is blinking, pairing is in progress.  Please turn on the TV before unplugging it for 30 seconds. Switch out the TV’s plug. If you have a Roku device and the green light on the remote is flickering, don’t worry too much. Start working immediately; don’t wait until the issue worsens. If you don’t do what you must, your remote may not properly pair with your TV or control it. Learn why your Roku remote is blinking green and how to fix it.

Ways to fix Roku remote blinking green!

When the green light on the remote starts blinking?

If the green light on your remote control flickers quickly, it’s not working right. Most of the time, a warning signal of some kind would show up on your TV screen just before or around the time the green light on your remote would start blinking. In this situation, avoiding the problem will not make it go away. Your Roku device may stop working sometimes. We both know what that means: no TV or other entertainment.

Why is the green light on the Roku remote flashing?

If the green indicator light on your remote control keeps flashing, this may only indicate that the gadget is operating incorrectly. In this situation, the question that needs to be addressed is, “What, exactly, is wrong with it?” Investigate a few of the many reasons why the green light on your remote keeps flashing. There are many.

Something is getting in the way:

One of the most common reasons why the green light on your Roku device will blink is interference from other wireless devices nearby. Here, you can find wireless equipment like microwaves, cordless phones and speakers, Bluetooth microphones and speakers, wireless headsets, and many other similar things. You might see the green blinking light if something similar is close to your Roku.

The remote you are using is broken:

Sometimes, the problem is not with the things around your Roku player or the remote control. It could just be something simple like a broken remote control. When this happens, the only thing you can do is buy a new Roku remote and set it up again.

What to do if the green light on the Roku remote keeps flashing?

Before you go out and buy a new remote, there are a few easy things you can try to fix the problem yourself. Here’s what they are:

Make sure the batteries are changed:

It means that your Roku doesn’t have enough power to talk to your TV because it can’t.

Get rid of all sources of distraction:

The Roku remote’s blinking green light could be caused by interference from other wireless devices nearby. Before you buy a new remote or change the batteries in the one you have, you should move your Roku device to a different spot. It should make things better. Ensure that all other wireless devices are at least a few feet away from the TV and the remote control so that the green flashing light doesn’t come back.

Check to Make Sure Your Remote Is Set Up Right:

You have to ensure that your remote is set up correctly. You might be having trouble with the flashing green light if it isn’t. Here’s a description of how to set up your Roku remote blinking green:

Step 1: Connect your controller to the internet to ensure it is online.

Step 2: You’ll have to change the screen’s display type to get to the Remote Settings.

Step 3: If you want to check the name of the company that made your TV, choose “Yes.”

Step 4: If your system can’t automatically figure out your TV brand, you must type in the information yourself.

Step 5: If you want to confirm your choice, press the “Yes” button.

Step 6: Click “Ok” to keep using your Roku to watch movies and TV shows.

Fix the remote control that works over the air:

You can also associate the Roku remote with the streaming device you use repeatedly. This technique will, in the vast majority of cases, rectify any issues that Roku owners may be experiencing. If you want to do this work correctly, please follow the steps below:

Change where the remote is placed:

If you have already tried to replace the batteries and remove anything that might prevent a direct connection with your TV, the Roku remote control may be damaged. If you have already taken these steps, the problem may lie with your TV. In this particular scenario, the only option available is to go out and purchase a new remote. Learn more about some of the most popular Roku remote blinking green alternatives here.

Don’t use WiFi anymore:

Turning off your WiFi network while you try to connect your remote control could help if you are having trouble doing so. While it might not make sense initially, certain people swear by this approach. Because it operates on WiFi frequencies, the Roku control is frequently affected by interference. If you have this remote, give the HDMI connection fix we discussed before a shot and see if it helps.


Roku devices can be used with the enhanced point-anywhere (EPA) remote control and the regular infrared controller. The IR controller works the same way that normal remote controls do. Before making any changes to your Roku device, you must point the remote in the right direction. On the other hand, you don’t even have to point the EPA remote in the direction of your streaming player to use it anywhere in the area. From above, you will be able to know how to fix Roku remote blinking green.


Can I use both of them at the same time?

No. If you have an EPA controller, you can’t use an IR controller to run your TV in the opposite direction. You are only able to make use of a single one of them at any given time.

What kind of batteries do Roku remotes work best with?

Roku remote blinking green says you can use AAA or AA batteries in your device. You can get rechargeable ones that are the same size, saving you money over time.