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Velvet suit has become increasingly common on international red carpets thanks to stars like Daniel Craig and Jake Gyllenhaal. We hope you enjoy the rest of the year in one of the exquisite velvet suits we’ve selected for you. Velvet is making a comeback just in time for the upcoming Christmas season. While well-dressed men have traditionally used velvet suits and other formalwear for black-tie occasions, the material has recently been seen in its most on-trend versions, causing quite a stir on several high-profile red carpets. The custom Anderson & Sheppard double-breasted velvet tuxedo jacket Daniel Craig wore to the premiere of No Time to die was initially seen as a celebratory novelty but ultimately changed the game.

Crimson so dark:

Social media went into a frenzy when the sixth Bond, standing boldly against the rich scarlet of the red carpet with 007’s favorite Omega watch emerging from his trouser pocket, wore a warm pink tone instead of the expected black and gold. Jake Gyllenhaal was seen on the red carpet days after Daniel Craig wore a velvet Gucci suit, this time in an emerald green velvet Bottega Veneta suit that he matched with a white T-shirt and black shoes.

Except for Velvet Coats:

However, we are getting off-topic. Velvet suits are firmly on trend for the following fall/winter season. Whether you’re on the hunt for a dinner jacket to wear with regular cut pants or a Jake G suit, there are options from Reiss and Boss to Gucci and Bottega Veneta that will fit your budget. Moss Bros.

Westminster Moss, London:

In the dense area of color psychology, golden amber is connected with robustness, certainty, and experience beyond its years. Feel like a million bucks for only $149 with a velvet tuxedo jacket from Moss London. Regarding their clothing, the Italian tailoring firm Boglioli, which dates back four generations, is about harmony between precision and comfort. Charcoal grey velvet two-piece suit with vents and lining for utmost comfort and a smooth, velvety appearance; £762.

Persons who favor Polo by Ralph Lauren:

Tartan and velvet are classic choices that can be worn throughout the year, but it might be challenging to choose between them when it comes to seasonal clothing. Now that you have this Polo Ralph Lauren blazer, you can rest easy knowing that the details will be taken care of no matter what. For a cheap £595, you can get your hands on this opulent profound navy velvet double-breasted choice with a subtle plaid design.


This luxurious Jaeger suit, crafted from velvet woven at Italy’s Pontoglio mill, adds a touch of history to the festive celebrations. High-quality finishing touches elevate this classic two-piece (satin lapels and jetted front pockets, to name a couple). The jacket costs £299, and the pants only cost £149.


At the GQ US Men of the Year party, Tom Holland donned a two-piece velvet suit by Boss in a color scheme reminiscent of falling leaves. The Boss prefers his employees to dress in a more casual, modern style, so wear a black roll-neck sweater and loafers to work. The Tom jacket costs £419, and the Tom pants cost £189—both come with sunglasses that change color depending on the light.

Dear Mr. Baker, Ted:

This Ted Baker blazer is a classic alternative to the velvet suit; it exemplifies the formal, black-tie style and is understated and elegant. This jacket, which can be yours for the low price of £289 and which will instantly elevate any winter outfit, is a must-have.

Fashion house known as Bottega Veneta:

This one-button Bottega Veneta blazer is a prime illustration of Gyllenhaal’s impeccable taste. This jacket, which Jake Gyllenhaal wore to the 2021 New York Film Festival, will make you feel like a star. Doing so adds more to your £1,755 black-tie events than just style. The silk velvet is quite expensive and comfortable. Due to its extremely high price, only the upper class could afford to consume it. It is not only pricy but also somewhat scarce.


The lush velvet fabric of this Gucci blazer is woven with a pattern of the brand’s signature GG emblem in contrasting beige, making it a logo dream. Lover’s Gucci opted to reintroduce velvet because of the fabric’s rich history with the label and the way the label’s signature iconography and house codes have stood the test of time and fashion £2,160. Silk velvet, on the other hand, is unparalleled in terms of both luxury and price.


All hail M&S for this stylish combo in a forest green hue, perfect for the season. This inexpensive option from a popular retail chain shows that you don’t have to give up fashion for cost-effectiveness, thanks to its slim cut and notched lapels. The velvet blazer may not be as well made as an item from a high-end fashion house, but for only £99, it’s a no-brainer as your go-to holiday piece.

According to Banks (Jeff):

It’s time to relax and take in the luxurious feel of deep ruby crimson velvet. This velvet Jeff Banks jacket was designed just for holiday parties where a black tie is required. Distribute the velvet sports coats throughout the house. This velvet suit heightens professionalism thanks to its traditional pinstripe style and dark forest green hue. You can look sharp in a crisp white dress shirt or keep it casual in a black T-shirt; either choice will serve you well in the fashion department.

Wearing a velvet tuxedo and other formalwear:

If you’re looking for a modern twist on work casual, a velvet suit jacket might be the way to go. It can be worn with many different outfits in your dressier rotation. Some guys even wear velvet suit coats with button-down shirts and chinos, a relatively new trend. Therefore, You can’t go wrong with traditional wool or tweed for your jacket. Only velvet, however, befits such richness.


While velvet suits have been worn at red carpet events, 2017 Golden Globe winner Donald Glover is credited with popularizing the trend. Bonds had watched this film previously. In many of his best flicks, Sean Connery used a sharp velvet dinner jacket, such as Diamonds Are Forever. It’s excruciating to have to choose between velvet and pinstripe. You won’t have to worry about dressing to the nines longer than necessary in this Tom Ford suit.


Which velvet is most appropriate for men’s suits?

Cotton velvet materials that are not as high quality do not have the same luxurious feel. This velvet is thicker and might be utilized to make beautiful outerwear. Most men prefer cotton velvet for formal events since it is not slippery and has less shine than other velvet fabrics.

Should I suggest a velvet suit?

Velvet is a luxurious fabric because, well, it’s velvet. All agree that it is much more elegant than common textiles like cotton, linen, or wool.