Everything you need to know about Vinnie Hacker Fight

Vinnie Hacker Fight is an American TikTok star and media personality. He’s a fantastic content creator known for his short comedy and lip-sync videos. Vinnie Hacker of Team TikTok beat Deji Olatunji of YouTube with a TKO in the third round during the “Battle of the Platforms.” fight to the death, Deji and Vinnie Hacker go head-to-head at Social Gloves Gentlemen, you’ve received your pre-fight instructions, and you can relax and obey them. TikTok is a great place to find videos of Vinnie hacker before the battle.

When Does Vinnie Hacker Fight?

The fight between YouTubers vs TikTokers boxers occurred on June 12, and Deji KSI, KSI’s brother, was defeated by Vinnie Hacker. In response, YouTube subscribers were subjected to a barrage of trolling. Vinnie Hacker prevailed in a rematch on June 12, 2021. The undercard fight between Deji and Vinnie Hacker has yet to be assigned a time slot, although it will begin at midnight. (BST) on Sunday, June 13, in the. He won’t be able to boast about his fight with 19-year-old TikTok celebrity and amateur boxer Vinnie Hacker, though.

Vinnie Hacker Fight About:

He is a popular Tiktok celebrity and social media figure from the United States, born on July 14, 2002. Known for his hilarious lip-syncing and real-life videos on the app, he’s a charming and lovable figure. For his 14 million followers, hacker TikTok content producer has been producing short lip-sync videos. He’s also a model, as seen by the images he posts online. The italicized version of Vincent Cole Hacker’s real name is Vinnie Hacker. By 2022, Vinnie Hacker will have a fortune of $2 million.

Vinnie Hacker Fight Biography:

As of 2022, Vinnie Hacker is 20 years old. Vinny Hacker is his full name, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. Maria Hacker is the name of his mother. An emergency dispatcher was his mother’s job.  He’s a huge animal lover, and he has a few dogs of his own at home. The things he enjoys the most include acting, dancing, and cooking.

Vinnie Hacker Fight Professional Life:

In addition to his social media job, he is a professional baseball player who has won numerous national and local titles for his High School. Modelling is another aspect of his work where he is well-known due to his stunning looks. It was a surprise victor for Vinnie Hacker of TikTok, but the YouTuber was adamant about his future as a professional boxer. It’s all because his parents, Nate and Maria Hacker, support Vinnie Hacker’s social media profession. He is currently unattached and devoted to his work.

Vinnie Hacker Boxing Record:

Fighting Deji Olatunji, Vinnie Hacker emerged victorious. Vinnie Hacker emerged victorious after a tight back-and-forth duel. Vinnie and Deji fought for only five rounds, each lasting up to two minutes. A 2021 amateur boxing event called TikTokers featured YouTubers like Boxer, Austin McBroom, and Bryce Hall, among others. 0-0 in both pre-fight meetings. Hacker ends the fight in the third round with a TKO after only 44 seconds of play. The fight ended with a clear victor, although Deji had a few more blows to his credit.

Vinnie Hacker Fight Net Worth:

The italicized version of Vincent Cole Hacker’s real name is Vinnie Hacker. By 2022, Vinnie Hacker will have a fortune of $2 million. American content creator Vinnie Hacker has a net worth of $2 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hacker has more than 14 million TikTok followers. He is a TikTok star who makes a lot of money. Vinnie Hacker is raking in a ton of money from TikTok and as an SMG Model. He’ll get around $721 if my math is correct.

Vinnie Hacker Personal Life:

He is currently unattached, to the best of our knowledge. Vinnie Hacker hasn’t made any public relationships with women known yet. He appears to be entirely preoccupied with his professional goals. Vinnie Hacker is an up-and-coming Tiktok Star, Social media influencer, and model who has made a name for himself on the internet and throughout the rest of the world. Since he was 15 years old, Vinnie, a 21-year-old Seattle-based Youtuber with more than 650,000 TikTok followers, has been modelling professionally.

Vinnie Hacker Career:

Vinnie Hacker will have a fortune of $2 million by the year 2022. He built up his net worth from social media advertising and brand collaboration. His TikTok and YouTube accounts are well-known for his brief lip-sync and amusing films that he uploads to both. He is a TikTok video creator that mixes lip-syncing, dancing, transitions, and comedy in his videos. Furthermore, he became a household name. Vinnie hacker used to make short films as a hobby before launching his Tiktok career and becoming a household name.

Vinnie Hacker Fight Interesting Facts:

A Seattle native, Vinnie was a baseball team member at O’Dea High School in 2002. He also played in one of the state’s most prestigious minor-league teams; the Seattle Selects Baseball Club. Lip-syncing and candid recordings of him on the app have made him a popular and endearing figure. He began his professional career when he initially downloaded the app in 2019. Vinnie Hacker has a loyal following because he is both funny and relatable. He frequently posts about things that annoy him on social media.

Vinnie Hacker Fight Social Media Accounts:

His social media activity has skyrocketed since he got involved in the Social Gloves battles. The influencer’s social media performance is shown here. Gaming and esports dominated Sway Gaming’s focus on social media stars working together. Vinnie announced that he would be leaving. As a result of his defeat to Vinnie Hacker on YouTube, Deji has taken a social media hiatus. Viewers were captivated by the June 12 battles. 20-year-old Vinnie Hacker is a well-known social media personality.

Facts And Trivia:

He plays a lot of video games. He Participated in the TikTok Boxing Match. His Family Is There for Him. He’s a Rising Star in the World of Fashion. The outcome was exactly as predicted. Vinnie Hacker emerged victorious, but he had to work hard, as Deji gave it everything she had. Vinnie Hacker’s birth date, name, birthplace, occupation, family, amusing facts, and more. Vinnie Hacker’s Age, Height, Ethnicity, and Rumors are here. Body measurements: height and weight; 7 social media accounts.


Known for his TikTok lip-sync and lifestyle videos, Vinnie Hacker is a popular model and social media sensation. Many people became aware of him through the music videos and short films he made in his leisure time and published on YouTube. Currently, Hacker has 5.2 million TikTok followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. The Artist is the ISFP personality type of Vinnie Hacker. They strongly desire to share their thoughts and creations with others and are generally friendly and social.


What car does Vinnie hacker have?

He had two cars by 2022: a 1993 Mazda RX-7 FD (see above) and a 2011 BMW 335i. Both of these vehicles were purchased in or around the year 2020.

Did Vinnie win the fight?

Many people were surprised when Vinnie Hacker has proclaimed the victor in his battle after only three of the five scheduled rounds.

Where does Vinnie hacker live now?

Hacker was born in Seattle, Washington, and is a cancer patient. North Hollywood, California, is where he currently resides, as evidenced by his YouTube movie, “A Day in NOHO.”