Best Walmart beach towel and buying guides for 2022!

Walmart beach towel has multiple purposes: they can help you dry yourself after being wet, they can provide a place for you to rest, nap, or enjoy your lunch, and they can even assist you in brushing off the sand before you leave. To determine which of the thirty-five various beach towels available was superior, we put each one through its paces at The Lab in Des Moines. The quality and durability of the beach towels, their feel and absorbency, and overall value were evaluated. We shall go into further detail regarding Walmart beach towel in the following article.

Fluffy Bamboo-Cotton Walmart beach towel:

The Colwood Soft Bamboo Cotton Beach Towel is perfect for the beach and beyond as a vast, plush blanket to relax on as you soak up the sun. We recommend this selection as the best beach towel overall because of its large size, plush exterior, extended lifespan, and high absorption rate; Our reviewers commented that the bamboo and cotton material is thick, making it tough to transport but providing a lot of padding when sitting on hard ground.

NovForth’s oversized Walmart beach towel:

The NovForth towel demonstrates that the price of a beach towel need not be high for it to be of high quality by providing a large, smooth, and long-lasting surface for you to sprawl out on as you enjoy the beach. An avid beachgoer and mother of five, she was our product tester for this towel. She said she would gladly pay more for this particular towel because she valued it. The microfiber is incredibly velvety and retains its quality even after being washed.

Classic Striped Walmart beach towel:

Mark & Graham is your first stop for a personalized beach towel. This beach towel is high-quality and adorable with its multicolored stripes and tassel fringe. This oversized towel was unanimously deemed the best in the test because of its manufacture from ultra-absorbent and exceptionally soft Turkish cotton. A vast beach towel is a fantastic option because a group or one person can use it to get plenty of space.

Brooklinen Beach Walmart beach towel:

If you want your beach towel to stand out from the crowd, this Brooklinen option comes in three unique and stylish designs that are sure to please. In addition to its humorous patterns, this towel proved to be highly effective in evaluating quality, texture, absorbency, and durability. During testing, one of the reviewers remarked on this towel’s “elevated” look and feel. Featuring a plush velour-like surface, the front of this beach towel is woven from a blend of cotton and other fibers.

Venture’s Sand-Free Walmart beach towel:

Even while a day at the beach can be loads of fun, there’s always the chance that you’ll end up with sand embedded in your towel, shoes, and beach toys the whole way back to the car. With this beach towel, you can relax without worrying about sand in your eyes or ears. This alternative to traditional terry towels is constructed from microfiber, making it more durable and less likely to attract sand…

Microfiber Walmart beach towel:

This lightweight and compact towel from Elite Trend is perfect for taking along on your next beach vacation. This portable beach towel may be folded into its included carrying case for easy transport. Since the towel’s texture rejects the sand, you can shake off any excess after your trip to the beach without worrying about bringing any grit home. Our testers found the towel to be soft and absorbent, and they didn’t see any loose stitching or pulled threads when they examined it after washing.

Block Pareo Fouta Walmart beach towel:

The use of Turkish cotton elevates even the most essential beach towel to a level of luxury, and the Kassatex beach towel is the apex of this category. The person conducting our evaluation remarked that they were “extremely impressed” by this towel. She gushed about how soft it felt, how the two different textures stood out, and how nicely the seams and fabric held up. This expensive towel will last for years. This soft towel fared well despite not being the thickest we tried.

Towel for the beach in the form of a giant circle:

This towel is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but we assure you that you will not be disappointed by the quality you receive. Because of its round shape, this beach towel can serve as a blanket for several people. Towels made of terry cloth, like the one seen above, are soft and cushiony enough for seating. Large, circular beach towels are perfect for picnics and small groups. The watermelon design contrasts nicely with the sand.

Cotton Beach Towel:

The towels were also influential in absorbing moisture and drying off the testers’ hands rapidly. You’ll ultimately decide that the Pottery Barn product is the best option. Our testing team unanimously agreed that this towel’s texture and design were excellent. Because it is made entirely of organic cotton, this towel is dense and plush, providing comfort for the entire day of reclining on the beach. You may find it inconvenient to carry due to its bulky material, but you’ll appreciate its heavy padding.

Buying guides for Walmart beach towel:


Cotton is superior to other textiles in terms of absorbency and general feel. Blends of cotton and polyester may feel velvetier to the touch, but they tend to be less absorbent than 100% cotton. Turkish cotton, in particular, is unparalleled in its absorbency and speed of drying. Turkish cotton towels are often narrower, so they can absorb less water and dry faster.


The length of the woven loops determines how long it takes for a towel to dry; shorter loops dry the towel more rapidly. Densely woven fibers are more durable and less likely to wear out quickly. Towels with selvage edges have been stitched tightly around the Walmart beach towels to prevent stretching and fraying. You’ll get maximum protection from this.


Towels made of heavier fibers will take longer to dry, but wrapping yourself in one after a swim in chilly water is the most excellent way to warm up. Thinner towels, on the other hand, may not be as plush as a blanket, but they are more likely to dry out before your second swim of the day. At this point, it comes down to individual preference. GSM is the abbreviation for grams per square meter, which is the unit of measurement used to describe how heavy a towel is.


You may not need to pack anything save a plush, extra-large towel that can comfortably fit two people, if not more if you plan to spend the entire day on the beach. On the other hand, a more portable option should be chosen if you only plan on spending a few hours wading in the surf before moving on to the next activity or if you are going on a trip and want to bring as little as possible with you.


Where is the best place to keep beach towels?

How you choose to store your beach towels depends on the space you have available. When they are not being used, your beach towels should be stored in the basement or another predetermined area of your home.

How do you wash a beach towel?

Shake out a beach towel before washing it to remove sand, mud, or other loose material that could clog up your washing machine. You may avoid issues like color bleeding by carefully following the care instructions listed on the label of your beach towel.