Abdurray.com reviews: Is legit or a scam?

Abdurray, even if they claim that their online shop sells things at a very low price despite their high level of quality. It is standard practice for fraudulent internet shops to use alluring sales to attract customers who are not paying attention. And those who are finally duped by it and proceed to place purchases are victims of a scam; they either obtain things of substandard quality or receive nothing. In addition, the website Abdurray.com has a persuasive design, which makes it appear reliable. Nevertheless, this should not lead you to believe that Abdurray is a legitimate online shop since most fraudulent online retailers go to great lengths to give the impression that they are trustworthy.

History of abdurray:

The simplicity with which we can do tasks is one of the benefits of living in an online era. From the coziness of one’s home, one may make purchases simply by navigating a few hyperlinks on a desktop computer or mobile device. The buyers and sellers cannot interact with one another, making it easier for con artists to take advantage of them. We have taken it upon ourselves to investigate websites such as Abdurray and highlight the fraudulent activities conducted there.

Factors about Abdurray:

Further factors that we discovered about Abdurray that led us to assume that Abdurray is a fraudulent online shop include the following:

Abdurray reachability:

They do not have a presence on any social media platforms. Reputable retailers use social media platforms to communicate with their clientele and promote their products. They even address concerns voiced by clients using the social media accounts they have established for that purpose. Most online con shops choose not to have social media profiles since it is simple for a victim of their fraud to tag and expose them online, discouraging potential customers from making purchases from them.

Major warning signs:

The contact information on their website could be more reliable, as shown by consumers complaining about not getting responses. There is no responsibility since the store’s proprietors want to remain anonymous. If you are ripped off, you have no one to hold accountable for your actions. A significant warning sign is the lack of a natural face to answer for the activities inside the business.

Domain name:

The items tested on abdurray.com have not received any reviews from previous buyers. Reputable online businesses such as Amazon often provide a range of customer evaluations on the things they sell, including positive and negative feedback from previous purchasers. Their website had a meager trust score of 2% when we ran it via ScamDoc, a tool for website analysis. It demonstrates that their website needs to be relied upon since information can only be used to identify the domain name’s owner.

Abdurray content:

They stole the material on their WebPages and pasted it from other websites. The website design and content have been seen on other websites that are bogus businesses. Their contact information and the website design are identical to those of Tischall, another counterfeit shop we investigated on our website.

Abdurray tracker:

On their website, there is no functional tracking mechanism that can be used to check the delivery status of the items that have been purchased.

Unreliable and dishonest internet store:

Abdurray, much like its competitor Prochty, is an unreliable internet retailer. As a result, we do not advise you to shop at this establishment. You run the danger of taking your money without receiving any merchandise in exchange if you purchase anything from them. Numerous online companies should be avoided because they make false claims about the quality of their products while advertising steep price reductions. On the other hand, such shops almost always turn out to be in the end.

Purchases with internet sellers:

Worst worse, some customers have purchased with internet sellers, paid in full, and received only radio silence in response. To gain knowledge from their expertise, it is optional for you to imitate what they do. It is unfair to lose the money you earned through honest labor because you have fallen prey to these con artists. When purchasing from an internet retailer, you should always verify the information they provide.

Is Abdurray a scam?

On the official website, it has been made clear that there needs to be an indication of client feedback. This information was provided. The website has no active social media profiles, nor have any of the sites consumers given any feedback on the internet. On the other hand, we have received negative comments from customers who claimed they would not be purchasing at this business since they believe it is dishonest. These are indications that the website in question is not genuine.

Frauds committed through the internet are constantly growing in number. People may utilize the information that is provided here to assist them in determining the authenticity and validity of a website.

Reviews about Abdurray:

One of the things that stood out to us regarding Abdurray was that there were no reviews online that were good about the company. Authentic, favorable evaluations indicate that a particular internet retailer may be trusted. Their website employs the security protocol known as HTTP, which ensures that any information, including passwords and credit card details, that is sent to their site remains confidential. But, this does not guarantee that the individuals behind the area will keep the information you provide.

Online purchased review:

Most customers who have purchased items from these online sites because of their “too good to be true” rates have been disappointed to find that the products they purchased were not of the quality they had expected and were not what they had requested. It is common to come across online companies that provide things that are attractive and are sold at tempting costs. The website does not offer any search tools that would simplify locating the things you are looking for.


Who or what is this Abdurray?

Abdurray is an online store of furniture, amongst other things. The store needs to be better structured and provide a variety of categories to shop in.

What’s good and bad about ordering from Abdurray?

The website needs a better design. Its user interface is quite similar to that of many fraudulent websites. It has maintained pricing for its product that is less than $99. It does not have any genuine ties to social media. The website has just been launched.

Is Abdurray Legit?

Industry professionals strongly advise consumers to avoid shopping on less well-known or recently established websites.


Many hours of investigation went into this online retailer before we arrived at this verdict. Throughout our inquiry for these Abdurray Reviews, we encountered several red flags indicating that Abdurray should be avoided at all costs. The retail establishment opened its doors in May, far too soon. Similar user interfaces may be seen on several other fraudulent websites. Also, we have seen some unfavorable feedback on the reputable website. It cannot be denied that Abdurray is a fraudulent website.

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