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Animeultima: When compiling a list of places to watch anime online for free, AnimeUltima should be near the top. Anime fans praise AnimeUltima’s extensive database and streamlined design. For nothing, you may watch anime episodes from a wide variety of ongoing and completed series on this site. Updates to AnimeUltima come quickly, allowing viewers to watch the most recent episodes soon after they air in Japan.

You can also check the Anime Schedule to see when the next episodes will be released. AnimeUltima isn’t just a fantastic place to watch anime online and a top-notch destination for downloading anime. AnimeUltima provides numerous streaming quality options, from 360p up to 1080p, and many episodes are accessible in both dubbed and subbed versions.

The 11 Websites Like AnimeUltima:

1. Animixplay:

Although it’s relatively new to the scene, the anime website Animixplay has quickly established itself as one of the top contenders. Animixplay is well-known for its ad-free interface and uninterrupted streaming. It indexes anime from external sources while simultaneously filtering out ad components, allowing users to watch anime uninterrupted. Meanwhile, Animixplay offers a vast library of anime titles, making it a one-stop shop for any of your anime needs. For that purpose, it provides convenient navigational aids.

2. Animekisa:

Animekisa is dedicated to providing users with high-speed, commercial-free anime streaming in HD. Now, after a lot of fine-tuning, it’s almost there. There will be no annoying pop-ups, irrelevant redirects, or other advertisements while you browse. Additionally, the speed with which pages load and videos stream is decent. Popular anime series and films from various genres are available on Animekisa. Animekisa is another wonderful site to view dubbed episodes of your favorite shows because it has an entire area devoted to dubbed content.

3. Anime:

With 4Anime, ease of use and high-definition video streaming are prioritized. It includes an easy-to-use interface and powerful search filters to help you quickly locate the desired anime. The site’s constant updates make it a great option for keeping up with the latest episodes of your favorite series. Its collection of books includes both modern bestsellers and timeless classics. While 4anime does not offer user-selectable streaming resolutions, it is the best option if you are picky about video quality because all episodes are presented in full HD 1080p.

4. Gogoanime:

Gogoanime is a comprehensive database of the best and most recent anime. Both dubbed and subtitled versions of Japanese anime are included, as are a plethora of well-known Chinese Donghua. Gogoanime allows you to watch anime online from several different servers, and you can also download anime episodes in several different qualities and file sizes. This alternative to AnimeUltima features powerful streaming functionality, so users don’t have to worry about buffering or other video issues while watching anime. Animekisa not only offers high-definition (HD) video streaming.

5. Anime:

Without a shadow of a doubt, 9Anime is its most well-regarded website. This site has a huge library; you can find almost everything there, including obscure and uncut anime. The average updating time for a new episode on 9Anime is between 30 minutes and an hour after it airs in Japan. Depending on the servers 9Anime provides.

6. Anime Twist:

In addition to 4Anime, Anime Twist is another option for those looking for a hassle-free and secure anime portal. Anime Twist is a straightforward anime website that doesn’t require a lot of explanation. You can search for a specific anime by title or navigate the available titles. The whole thing can be handy and effective for those who favor a straightforward approach. Whenever Anime Twist’s library has been updated, users are typically notified. Anime Twist provides viewers with top-notch shows.

7. AnimeDao:

AnimeDao’s support for dark and bright modes is one of its best features. To change how content is shown, use the appropriate mode. The page hosting the video player on this website also features some embedded advertisements. Anime games have random pop-ups, too. However, they are less invasive. Please note that AnimeDao does not use an ad blocker. You need to turn off your ad blocker to watch anime on it.

8. Animesuge:

Since Animesuge is a relatively new anime website, many people may not be familiar with it; nonetheless, since you have come to this choice now, I highly encourage you to try it. So far, Animesuge is an ad-free anime website that hosts various current and popular anime. It’s up and running quickly, and it’s always being updated, so it has a massive archive of anime. In addition, Animesuge provides access to several high-speed streaming servers and a convenient download option.

9. Animefever:

As a cutting-edge anime website, Animefever has cutting-edge design and functionality. Genres, status, type, and parental Rating are just some ways that more than 1200 shows are organized in its database. In particular, the Parental Rating filters will assist viewers in identifying appropriate programming for their children. Animefever provides a synopsis, user reviews, recommendations for comparable shows, and other information about each series it hosts. MAL syncing and similar features are also supported. Watching anime online has never been easier than with Animefever.

10. AnimeHeaven:

As a final option, there is a brand-new website dedicated to anime called Netanime. It’s a site where you may watch anime uninterrupted by commercials. It has information on dubbed and subtitled anime, and the 12 best anime series are shown on the homepage. Netanime, like the other AnimeUlitima options on this list, has a big inventory of anime series available and supports high-speed streaming. Meanwhile, registered users can take advantage of the new collaborative anime-viewing function Watch2gether, which is now in beta.

11. Netanime :

The anime streaming service AnimeHeaven has a stellar reputation. Anilinkiz replacements are only one topic covered extensively in our past publications. Not only that, but it holds its own as a viable alternative among the current crop of solutions to this problem. Anime fans may find many different types of anime, dubbed and subtitled, on AnimeHeaven, including the latest and most popular series and TV episodes. The design is straightforward, and there are distinct locations for various types of anime.


Due to its popularity and unique qualities, we have included AnimeUltima in our lists of alternatives to Kissanime and the Anime season.AnimeUltima is a great place to watch anime for free, but it has gone through its share of ups and downs and domain name changes ( to. to/.tv/.eu), just like any other anime website. Nonetheless, for various reasons, AnimeUltima may still fail to run for some users. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of some great alternatives to AnimmeUltima that provide high-quality free anime and boast some seriously cool extras.


What Is Animeultima?

Anime fans may watch their favorite shows without spending a dime, thanks to AnimeUltima. But it is not the point at all.

Is Anime Ultima Good?

AnimeUltima isn’t just a fantastic place to watch anime online and a top-notch destination for downloading anime.

Why Did Animeultima Shut Down?

The official AU statement is as follows: Due to a problem with one of our servers, access to the site was temporarily unavailable.