Everything that you need to know about Aoyama mha.

Aoyama mha: Can’t Stop Twinkling, Aoyama mha is a recurrent character. He’s a U.A. High School Class 1-A student pursuing a career as a Professional Hero. He is voiced by Kosuke Kuwano, and in the English version by Joel McDonald. His constant staring at the television, breaking the fourth wall, only serves to accentuate his slick demeanor.

Abilities and Strength:

The blond Yuga Aoyama is number one in Hero Class 1-A, with twenty kids, fourteen boys and six girls. This young man hasn’t had much of an opportunity to shine in the spotlight thus far; for the time being, he’s more of a supporting player.

Aoyama mha quirk:

He can fire a powerful laser beam out of his navel, which can break through concrete and push him in whatever direction he chooses. Aoyama’s quirk allows him to do this. When Aoyoma uses his Quirk for more than a second, he gets intestinal problems. At first, it’s explained that his body isn’t used to his power because of a congenital disability, but the real reason is that All for One gave him his power. Aoyama wasn’t built for it because of aoyama mha quirk.

Facts about aoyama mha:

My Hero Academia tells the narrative of a group of kids who are willing to put their eccentricities to use to become true heroes. The show’s star is Izuku Midoriya, a brave young man who receives the quirk One for All, granting him superhuman strength and transforming him into the new Symbol of Peace. Let’s take a look at some lesser-known facts about aoyama mha.

When He Talks, You’d think He Was a Prince:

Yuga doesn’t only look the part; he also acts and speaks like a prince, or at the very least comes from a well-to-do family. He’s a little arrogant, and there’s an air of arrogance in his everyday language. But he’s not a bully like Bakugo or a mega-pervert like the hated Mineta, so that’s a good thing.

Privately, He’s Anxious:

Now that this is out in the open, it makes sense. What other explanation could there be for an unimpressive person acting so hot? Overcompensation is a common method of dealing with insecurities in real life, and Yuga Aoyama is no exception. But we don’t hold it against him. He is not a horrible guy but a kid embarrassed by his oddity.

When it comes to his armor, it’s all about his quirk:

All Might’s and Aikido Sato’s clothes are just beautiful, while most hero outfits are intended to either accentuate or counteract the wearer’s eccentricity. Ochaco’s outfit is designed to make her more stable when using zero-gravity powers, whereas Iida’s outfit is constructed to keep him from becoming disoriented by powerful winds.

“Meh” is an appropriate description for him:

It’s a pity. Despite all his pomp and circumstance, Yuga Aoyama is unable to take a test to save his life. Hero Class 1-A pupils are ranked according to various parameters, including their unique evaluation test and their paper grades. After all, this is still a place where students go to learn. There’s always going to be a straggler in any group of people.

He’s a Terrible Duellist:

As a support quirk, Yuga’s navel laser is an excellent choice because it fires quickly and easily covers a large area. He resembles a human sharpshooter as he fires a blinding light beam with incredible force. Make sure he doesn’t have to take on a single opponent. You don’t need One For All to take out Yuga in melee combat.

Izuku is close to him:

While most of the other heroes in class 1-A have recently acquired their quirks, Izuku has mastered his, unlike any other. Ochaco backs him up as a buddy, but Bakugo and Shoto are both jealous and skeptical of him. There is a lot of interest in Izuku around here. He is treated with kindness by Yuga, who recognizes himself as our hero with green hair.

Mha characters:

As the character, he is the most outspoken student at U.A., constantly boasting about his accomplishments and attempting to pique the interest of people around him. Furthermore, his French origin adds to his joie de vivre as a romance language, and he speaks French. Even when he’s upset, he keeps a smile on his face. His demeanor is characterized by a constant smile, an air of luxury, a tendency to pose, and exude arrogance.

Aoyama cheese:

At the end of Episode 80, Aoyama gives Deku a piece of cheese before lunch, known as aoyama cheese. That puzzles Deku, but not so much that he becomes alarmed. However, Deku has more than enough cause to be concerned when he discovers a spread of the same cheese Aoyama fed him outside on his window, organized to spell out the words “I know.”

Yuga aoyama room:

Anime and manga often pay homage to European nobility, from the bright realms of the isekai series to the stories of Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella herself. Yuga Aoyama, the protagonist of My Hero Academia, embodies this. Don’t forget about his well-styled hair, amazing purple eyes, and long eyelashes. This youngster acts like he’s Prince Charming. In his way, he is a typical pampered king-to-be as in the yuga aoyama room.


Upon capturing All for One, aoyama mha thought he’d be able to live happily ever after with his pals and be considered a hero. To save their own life, Yuga’s parents often forced him to perform dangerous things, and he was always divided between rescuing them and being with his friends.


Who does Aoyama have a crush on, MHA?

Deku’s jealousy and his crush on Uraraka are the most likely reasons for Aoyama’s stalking. Still, he may be just trying to determine whether he’s showing signs of reciprocating feelings.

How is aoyama mha traitor?

Aoyama’s odd behavior was due to two factors: first, his status as MHA aoyama mha traitor, and second, the fact that AFO gave him his quirk in childhood in exchange for being born without one.

Was AFO responsible for Aoyama’s quirk?

Aoyama Yuga’s comprehension of Midoriya now makes sense once it was revealed that AFO gave him his quirk.

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