Everything that you should need to know about Verosika mayday.

Verosika mayday

Verosika mayday: As a succubus demon and a pop sensation in both Hell and the real world, Verosika Mayday is well-known. As a supporting character, she makes her debut in “Spring Broken” and is Blitzo’s ex-girlfriend. The succubus demon Verosika stands at the height of seven feet, ten inches. Despite her curvaceous appearance, she’s got … Read more

Everything that you should need to know about Oikawa’s.


Oikawa’s: Known in the English translation as Tohru Oikawa, Tru is a Japanese character. After graduating from high school in the third year of his junior year, he served as the team captain and setter for Aoba Johsai High’s boys’ volleyball team. Preliminary arcs of Interhigh and Spring High have him as the primary antagonist. … Read more

Everything that you need to know about Aoyama mha.

Aoyama mha

Aoyama mha: Can’t Stop Twinkling, Aoyama mha is a recurrent character. He’s a U.A. High School Class 1-A student pursuing a career as a Professional Hero. He is voiced by Kosuke Kuwano, and in the English version by Joel McDonald. His constant staring at the television, breaking the fourth wall, only serves to accentuate his … Read more

Do you pop or lock your doors?

Pop locking

Pop locking: Modern dance moves like hip hop and dubstep have long been influenced by popping and locking. There is a noticeable difference between these two forms of dance movements. A combination of popping and locking has a distinct rhythm, but both dance styles tend to merge. The pop and lock are combined in this … Read more