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Christine quinn age, the year 2021 will mark her 33rd birthday. Libris is her zodiac sign. She was born to Barbara Dragony, and there is no information about her father. Christian Richard is the name of her husband of seven years. In 2019, the couple got married. The pair is also parents to a child. Actress and model Christine Quinn are an American. In recognition of her accomplishments. As a cast member of Netflix’s reality series ‘Selling Sunset,’ she has gained worldwide notoriety.


The majority of her education was completed in Texas. As a result, she ended up moving to LA. As a real estate agent, Christine passed the California Real Estate Exams in 2019. She stands at around ft. inches, and her hair is naturally blonde. It’s not just her beloved dog that keeps her company, though.


After graduating, she began a career as a model and worked with several agencies around the industry. She subsequently pursued a career as a fashion designer by completing a degree in fashion design. After starring in her first film, “Father of the invention,” she decided to try her hand at acting. She appeared in Casting Couch, Humans vs. Zombies, and Hot Tub Time Machine, before moving on to television roles in various shows.

Joining of Oppenheim Group:

After a few years in the business, she took a break from acting to travel the world for a while. That’s when she discovered her passion for architecture and interior design and returned to the United States to pursue a career in real estate. For the Oppenheim Group, she works as an agent. A frequent presence on her various online personas can be found.

Earning way of Christine Quinn:

As an actor and real estate agent, Christine Quinn makes most of her money on the side. She has been in several films and television shows, earning her substantial money. She is also a fashion designer, which allows her to generate money on the side without putting in any effort.

Christine Quinn net worth:

It’s estimated that Christine Quinn’s net worth is $3 million. She is one of Oppenheim’s highest-earning representatives. She has also been praised for her acting and modeling careers. Her husband, who has an estimated net worth of €1.4 million, is also a millionaire. Among her many pricey possessions are a $1 million diamond and oyster pearl wedding ring, as well as several high-end cars and houses in Los Angeles.

Facts about Christine Quinn:

Here are many things you may not have known about Selling Sunset’s Christine Bently or Christine Quinn.

A different name can refer to her from time to time:

Christine Bently or “Christine Bently Quinn” were common names for Quinn before entering the real estate industry. She appears to have omitted the “Bently” from her name when she joined the Oppenheim Group.

The actress Marilyn Monroe is a personal favorite of hers:

Quinn may achieve the Marilyn Monroe look with a little red lipstick and curls with the curling iron. She turns out to be a big fan as well. There are quotes from the blonde bombshell on her Instagram page. Refinery 29 claims that Marilyn and John F. Kennedy were the perfect names for the cocktails served at Quinn’s wedding.

On TikTok, she sparked a trend:

One of Quinn’s clients expressed upset when the house they were visiting didn’t have a gas stove in an episode of Selling Sunset from season one. However, Quinn afterward insulted the customer in her confessional, saying, “you don’t even cook.” while maintaining her professionalism during the presentation. It was so popular that she even did a TikTok reenactment of the scene.

Husband of Christine Quinn:

Mrs. Quinn has a husband and a child. Christian Richard is the name of her husband. Both her husband and father-in-law were software engineers before they retired. Their son was born in the middle of May 2021. On Selling Sunset, the actress relived the agony of her birth. They met through a mutual acquaintance who had recently gone on a date with Christian. On December 15, 2019, she and Christian exchanged vows at Los Angeles’ Cathedral of Saint Vibiana in a religious ceremony.

Christine Quinn’s Sunset:

“Selling Sunset,” a docu-soap series on Netflix, follows the staff of The Oppenheim Group, a major real estate firm in Los Angeles. Selling some of the most abundant properties in LA, Calif., is a constant battle for her and her coworkers. As a result of her no-nonsense demeanor, spectators called her the “villain” during season 1. “I’m a businesswoman all the way,” she stated in an interview with Fox News.

Christine Quinn’s height:

Christine stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches with her heels on, but many viewers know that she seldom goes a day without them. In comparison to her co-stars, the star of Selling Sunset appears much taller. In February of this year, the TV personality engaged Christian Richard, a software developer.

Christine Quinn baby name:

The couple said they were expecting their first child in February of 2021. After an emergency C-section in May 2021, Christine Quinn’s baby name is Christian Georges Dumontet.

Plastic surgery by Christine Quinn:

“Nothing about me that is fake except my boobs,” stated Christine on Selling Sunset season 1. The thinness of her nose across the bridge and the tip suggest that she may have had rhinoplasty, which can only be attained by surgery rather than contouring.

Christine Quinn baby:

According to Christine Quinn age, the 33-year-old reality Christine Quinn’s baby was born in May. Quinn’s baby belly was the talk of the town when the latest season of Netflix’s hit launched on Wednesday, November 24, but one particular scene caused some misunderstanding among viewers.


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Christine Quinn’s net worth is currently assessed at $3 million. She’s recognized as the Sunset series’ over-the-top diva. In her spare time, Christine enjoys exploring new places. She earns a living in various ways, including acting, modeling, and real estate agent. She’s been making headlines recently because of a tiff with her Selling Sunset co-star, Emma, over a minor issue. Christine Quinn’s age is 33 years.


What is Christine Quinn’s husband’s age?

Christine Quinn’s husband is 42-year-old is 10 years older than his 36-year-old wife, Christine. After making millions, he could retire at the age of 38.

How much money does Christian Richard have?

A reputed $20 million is Christine’s husband’s net worth. “He attended MIT and specializes in the engineering of various types, including software platforms,” the property broker told Women’s Health when asked how her spouse got his money.

It’s been how many years since Christine Quinn and Christian Richard married.

When Christine and Christian first met in 2019, they were engaged and married. Their paths crossed when Christine heard Christian was looking for a new residence through a mutual acquaintance. Christine quinn age, Christine quinn age, Christine quinn age.

What is Christine quinn age?

Christine quinn age is 33 years.

Christine Quinn was born somewhere, but where exactly?

She was raised in Texas.

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