Top Drippy shoes and buying guides for 20221

Drippy shoes list below is still in construction, and we’ll be adding to it throughout the year, but in the meanwhile, check out what’s available now; it’ll make you happy. Many people thought 2022 would be the year that finally broke us out of our rut. The last two years have been difficult, to put it mildly, and if we are to believe the constant stream of negative news stories filling our news feeds, there is still a lot more pain to come.

It would be best if you had a pair of feet and an open mind. In these uncertain times, we could all use a lot more joy, and the most fabulous footwear has the power to transmit happiness. In this article, we will discuss more drippy shoes.

Best drippy shoes:

Following are top different drippy shoes.

Nike x Louis Vuitton:

Virgil Abloh’s status in the fashion industry’s hierarchy is set in stone for the foreseeable future. Louis Vuitton’s late designer and artistic director for the men’s line was revered for bringing a new degree of sophistication to streetwear and giving high fashion a more edgy, urban feel. To further honor his memory, the French label opted to release one of his final designs after passing—Nike Air Force 1s with calfskin uppers and LV’s signature Monogram and Damier designs.

Air TerraDrake NOCTA:

When Drake calls, you should answer the phone as soon as possible and have a conversation with him. At the end of January, NOCTA and Nike joined to release a sneaker called NOCTA x Hot Step Air Terra.

Jordan drippy shoes:

Russell Westbrook is widely regarded as not only the dapper player in the NBA but also the quickest. In what possible way could it not? We can answer this question by bringing these two features together. He worked with Jordan on the design of the Zer0.5 sneaker. Therefore It’s got data-informed traction and more padding for comfort. Like all of his other Jordan brand designs, the newest one is a colorful mashup of hues: in this case, beige with accents of red, yellow, ginger, and seafoam blue.

Postseason XII for Retired Titles:

It’s been 25 years since the historic “Flu Game,” in which Michael Jordan scored 38 points despite supposedly being sick with the flu in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. This game assured Jordan’s legendary status in the sport. And he was sporting a pair of the latest Jordans, the Jordan XIIs. Jordan, the brand, is re-releasing the iconic shoe for the first time in commemoration of the shoe’s tenth anniversary of its initial release.

Blazer drippy shoes:

Acronym’s founder, Errolson Hugh, has worked extensively with Nike, resulting in several innovative shoe designs. After a three-year hiatus, the two reunited in February of this year to create this technological marvel of a shoe, which is a prime representative of the techwear trend that Hugh helped to establish.

Marni drippy shoes:

The Italian label Marni is well-known for its avant-garde designs and daring use of color. Following Francesco Risso’s appointment as creative director, this aesthetic was taken to new heights, with designs that veered more to fine art than to the world of fashion. However, in March, Risso suggested a less intimidating option. It was a sneaker that belonged in a museum, made in tandem with Veja, a sustainable company known for its trendy casual footwear.

Sneakers Kaha Low GTX:

Big, bold, and slightly eccentric sneakers were expected from a Bodega x Hoka One One collaboration. The latter has published a slew of shoe collaborations this year, and next year will likely be no different. However, this olive pair with yellow, blue, and pink embellishments stands out from the crowd.

Kobe Bryant’s Crazy 97 EQT sneakers:

The Crazy 97 became an instant hit after Kobe Bryant won the NBA Dunk Contest for the first and only time that year. Black Mamba originally signed with Adidas but switched to Nike in 2003. Even though the great basketball player who went away had been a member of the firm for many years, the Three Stripes celebrated the 25th anniversary of a legend receiving one of the sport’s most coveted trophies.

OG Authentic SP LX drippy shoes:

Director Julian Klincewicz has managed to win over influential figures like Calvin Klein and Gosha Rubchinskiy. In May, Vans enlisted Klincewicz for a second team-up, proving that not even they could get enough of him. This time, they presented a line of footwear and apparel that draws inspiration from young people’s wild imaginations and the stress many adolescents experience.

Converse Gazelle Sneakers:

Adidas and Gucci are two firms that complement one another very well. Both brands are committed to environmentally sustainable procedures and adore stripes and ’70s style. In addition, they unveiled a set in June that was destined to happen regardless of what was done. An elevated version of Adidas’s iconic Gazelle was also included; stars including Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, Idris Elba, and Elliot Paige have all been spotted wearing this design in recent years. Everyone who was even remotely represented on our mood boards.

Curry GLF 2.0 drippy shoes:

As a creator, Tyler had a banner month in June. In addition to releasing a summer smash with Pharrell and 21 Savage and the accompanying music video, he also launched some dope kicks via collaboration between his Gold Le Fleur label and Converse. These kicks represent his style, a mix of preppy refinement and casual streetwear.

Converse Chuck 70 drippy shoes:

One. Before this year, when they were looking to freshen up the brand, they went to someone who might seem like an odd pick at first: designer Rick Owens. The collaborative shoe kept true to the original design but featured a square toe to reflect Owens’ futurist taste. In 2022, the two companies collaborated on a new sneaker iteration, with black lacquered denim upper.

Buying guides for drippy shoes:


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Watch Out for Snakes In Your Shoes:

In cases where the deal looks too good to be true, trust your gut and pass on it. Check the packaging, label quality, and in-shoe tags to learn more about the shoe’s brand, release date, item number, and the factory that made it. Be wary of buying through private listings because of the prevalence of fakes on the market. Look at the box, read the tags inside the shoes, and evaluate the quality of the label.


Do not buy shoes just because it appears like everyone else is doing it. Find your unique flair, and put your money on something that will get you closer to achieving your objectives. Please do not give in to the pressure of other people and purchase a pair of shoes simply because your favorite celebrity has been seen wearing them or because some social media influencer has recommended them. After working in government for 16 years, he decided to try his hand at business and founded Drip.


In other words, what is a drip shoe?

Drip Footwear was founded by Lekau Sehoana, who was shoeless for a long time as a child due to financial difficulties. He made his shoes from old sneakers.

If you have a pair of drip shoes, where did you make them?

The fact that Bathu and Drip are manufactured in China is not problematic in and of itself. Trains, buses, and well-known brands like Nike and Adidas were all made in China and shipped to South Africa.