Interesting facts to know about Hector coco!

Hector coco: Details regarding Héctor’s past are gradually revealed throughout the film Coco, but here are a few that some viewers may have missed. The movie Coco, a Pixar animation, centers on a little kid named Miguel, who dreams of being a musician when he grows up. Because of his family’s disapproval, Miguel sets off on a voyage that takes him to the Land of the Dead and other fantastical places to follow his musical goals.

Throughout the film, Miguel meets Héctor, who offers to help him, and the two share both funny and tragic moments. Here are some elements about Héctor’s unique past that moviegoers could have missed, even though he is a central character. Here we will discuss more hector coco.

The effort to reach out to Imelda:

Héctor made an effort to reach out to Imelda again. Héctor was prepared to try to explain everything to Imelda and make atonement when she died and went to the Land of the Dead, but Imelda was not interested in hearing his answers. Imelda was too prideful and harbored so much hatred that she refused to listen to anything Héctor had to say; as a result, the family almost forgot about him before Miguel came to save him.

Hector coco had been absent:

Hector coco had been absent for close to a century. It’s estimated that Héctor passed away around 1921, and Miguel made the journey to the afterlife in 2017. it means that Hector had been deceased for nearly a century when he met his great-great-grandson, Miguel. Since on Da de Muertos, the characters can visit the Land of the Living and talk to their living relatives as if no time had passed; it isn’t a central theme of the film.

Imelda and Héctor tied:

Imelda and Héctor tied the knot when they were only 18 years old. Today’s standards would consider Héctor and Imelda’s marriage and the birth of their daughter, Mama Coco, to be extremely young. Héctor was a loving spouse and father, but he abandoned his young family to pursue his passion for music. Héctor wanted to return to his family after years on the road, and the pair got off to a good start, but he passed away before he could do it.

The Entire Family Disowned Héctor:

Music Since Héctor doesn’t see his relatives, and they don’t seem to remember him in the Land of the Living, we don’t learn much about them in the film.

Héctor Years Old When He Passed Away:

Coco is an excellent film for the whole family to see together, but it also deals with heavy topics like death and betrayal, notably in Héctor’s backstory. Héctor and Imelda had recently begun a family. Still, Héctor takes to the road with his band after being convinced to do so by his friend and musical collaborator Ernesto, even though he is still young and brilliant. Héctor makes the journey back to his family but tragically passes away at a young age on the way.

Ernesto and Héctor were fast friends:

Although Ernesto and Héctor were mainly portrayed as a musical pair trying their fortunes on the road, they were indeed childhood friends before becoming the group. It makes Ernesto’s murder of Héctor all the more abhorrent, as Héctor had placed his trust in him, and Ernesto owed it to Héctor to show compassion rather than cold-bloodedly eliminate him for his talent.

Stealing credit for music:

Héctor had no idea that Ernesto was stealing credit for his music. After Héctor says he’s quitting and going home to be with his family, Ernesto kills him to steal his music. Everyone was shocked to find that Ernesto, who may or may not have been based on a real musician, had murdered him because of his brilliance. He must have known that Ernesto had utilized his tunes, but he may not have been confident that he had stolen credit on its whole.

Héctor Alters When We Think About Him:

Héctor, .it is probably because Mama Coco is starting to forget about him. Héctor’s appearance brightens and sharpens by the end of the film, as Miguel rescues him by singing to Mama Coco, and his picture is placed on the ofrenda.

Film in both English and Spanish:

There are dubbed versions of this film in both English and Spanish. As is customary, different actors voice most of Coco’s characters in the Spanish and English dubs, but Gael Garcia Bernal reprises his role as Héctor. Bernal does a great job of portraying Héctor in both English and Spanish, and it’s excellent to have the same actor voice both versions so that the experience is consistent and familiar to listeners of either language.

Héctor never had his gold tooth:

Throughout the film, we see Héctor both in flashbacks to his life and in the Land of the Dead, but there’s one significant distinction between the two states: his gold tooth. Héctor didn’t have a gold tooth in life, but he does now in the Land of the Dead, so he must have had dental treatment. In contrast to Imelda’s desire to start a family and establish permanent roots, Héctor was eager to continue sharing his music with the world.

Childhood buddy:

He then embarked on a tour with his childhood buddy Ernesto de la Cruz in the middle of the 1920s. On time, Héctor composed the music, and Ernesto sang it. Héctor got homesick throughout the trip, followed Imelda’s advice, and returned to his family. They disagreed afterward, with Ernesto pleading with him to stay since he needed his music, but Héctor was unconvinced.


Hector coco, the 2017 Disney Pixar animated feature film, features Héctor Rivera as the film’s secondary protagonist. In life, he was a musician in Mexico; after death, he settled in the Land of the Dead. Miguel needed to find the famed singer Ernesto de la Cruz to leave the Land of the Dead, and Héctor was there to help him do just that. Héctor and Miguel had a secret history, but no one knew. Hector was a caring father who dedicated the song “Remember Me” to his daughter.


Is Hector left in the background in Coco?

After being neglected by Mama Coco, he enlists Miguel’s assistance placing his picture on the altar and escaping the Land of the Dead. Héctor is a prankster who enjoys playing practical jokes, yet he also has a good heart and is easy to get along with.

Where did Hector get killed off in hector coco?

After Héctor says he’s quitting and going home to be with his family, Ernesto kills him to steal his music.

Why is music forbidden, assuming hector coco is a happy place?

The Riveras have supposedly been plagued by music since Imelda for another woman so he could pursue his musical desires.