All you need to know about Jake andrich.

Jake Andrich is a well-known Canadian actor, fitness model, and TikTok celebrity. For his films and photographs on social media, he became a household name in the country. He’s set up a new Instagram account just for adult content. More than a hundred million people have viewed his videos on YouTube. Having begun in 2020, Andrich has grown to be one of the most well-known Canadians on TikTok. He had a variety of professions in Canada before he became renowned.

Age and Early Life of Jakipz Andrich:

The birth date of Jakipz Andrich is November 7, 1996. It appears he is currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This information was gleaned through his Instagram account. He’s known as Jakipz around here. A private school in Alberta served as his elementary and secondary school of choice throughout his academic career. He hasn’t given anything away about his greatest degree in the public eye. While still in high school, he plans to pursue a modeling and fashion design career.

Parents of Jake Andrich:

There is no mention of Jake Andrich’s mother or father in his biography. A well-respected Canadian family is said to have a connection to him. He’s a huge fan of his parents, but he’s never shared a picture of them online. One and a half years older than Andrich is his older sister. As a member of the Christian faith, his family is of mixed ethnicity.


Jake begins working as a tradesman after finishing his education. Aside from being an electrician, he has also worked as a carpenter, plumber, and operator of heavy machinery.

The net worth of Jakipz Andrich:

What is Jakipz Andrich’s net worth? Jake Andrich has a successful web business and earns a fair livelihood. He had never wasted money on food or clothing was a major point of pride for him. He invests whatever he has in real estate, property, and stock markets, and he has plenty of them. As of 2021, Jakipz Andrich’s net worth is expected to be between USD 4-5 million.

Facts about Jake:

Jake works out six days a week at the gym, concentrating on his legs and upper body.

Sources claim that he bought his first house before signing up for the ‘OnlyFans’ website.

The well-known model prefers to eat healthily to maintain his physical fitness.

Even though he’s a household name, Jake Andrich does not have a Wikipedia page to his name.

There are reports that Jake made millions of dollars selling images of his foot online in just 16 months.

Jake Andrich’s Wikipedia:

Andrich is a Canadian Tik toker. In the digital world, he is a household name. He is a devout Christian. His first television appearance was in a television series, which he starred in. He went to school and graduated from high school in Canada. Jake is a TikTok star and a successful model. In addition, Jake appeared in online series and television series. On his Instagram account, he posted lip-sync recordings and other amusing clips.

Ethnicity of Jake Andrich:

Jake Andrich, It’s been a while since Jake Andrich has talked about his father and mother. Sources say he has a well-established family in Canada. He adores his parents, but he has never posted a photo of them on social media. One and a half years older, Andrich has an older sister. He is a devout Christian and a member of mixed ethnicity.


Jake is a hotter, more youthful version of the dummy. His female admirers are eager to learn more about his current relationship status and the identity of his current girlfriend. But he’s a little discreet about his personal life and hasn’t revealed any details about the relationship he shares with his girlfriend. Analysis shows that Jake’s current relationship status is single, and he’s focusing solely on his career advancement.

Presence on social media:

In early 2020, Andrich started a TikTok account under his name. His Instagram account had 23.8 million likes and 1.8 million followers as of June 2021. He mostly posted videos of himself getting dressed up, modeling, lip-syncing, and making short videos on TikTok. Since people appreciate seeing pictures of him with his feet, the actor says he takes great care of them. He gets a ‘Pedicure,’ as he calls it, every time he goes to the spa.

Journey on TikTok:

In 2020, Andrich started his TikTok account, which he named after himself. His Instagram account currently has 23.8 million likes and 1.8 million followers. On his TikTok account, he primarily uploaded videos of himself playing dress-up, modeling, lip-syncing, and making fast movies, among other things.


On the ‘OnlyFans’ website, Jake has also set up an account, a subscription service for content. Clients paid content writers on this website for every post they made. Andrich’s Instagram account, titled ‘Jakipz,’ has over a million followers. He frequently posts explicit and nudity-related content on his social media accounts.

Channel Intro / Instagram Disabled:

His feet are well-hydrated. According to him, the process of filming films was initially nerve-wracking for him, but he quickly became comfortable with it. ‘Jakipz’ is the YouTube account Jack used to post a video on January 14, 2019. He has 173k subscribers and 8 million video views on his channel. As of June 2021, his debut video, titled ‘Channel Intro / Instagram Disabled,’ had 1.2 million views.


On January 14, 2019, Jack debuted on YouTube as ‘Jakipz.’ His YouTube account has 173k subscribers and 8 million views. He posts a wide range of content, including workout routines, daily vlogs, and more. As of June 2021, his most popular video, titled ‘Channel Intro / Instagram Disabled,’ with 1.2 million views.


In addition, he is a well-known face in internet media. His data is yet to be uncovered. Therefore, we’ll be updating the details of his wife and business ventures shortly. Please give us your valuable feedback on the contact structure with a sense of empathy.


What is his age of him?

Jakipz will be 25 years old in 2021. On November 7, 1996, the YouTuber was born in Alberta, Canada.

What is the physical appearance?

In addition, Jake is 1.68m (5ft 6in) tall and weighs 65 kg, making him one of the largest men in the world.

What is his net worth of him?

At 24, Jakipz has amassed a net worth of $1 million. Onlyfans, an adult entertainment site, found success after quitting his 16-hour-a-day work as a craftsman.

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