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Lisa Frank Stickers, Lisa frank, Lisa frank colouring, Lisa frank sticker book, stickers, Lisa frank stickers for girls, Lisa frank Sticker for kids, Lisa frank for toddlers, rainbow stickers, and rainbow stickers for kids. After browsing a product description page, you will arrive at this page with quick links to some of our website’s most commonly visited pages. I have a lot of affection for Lisa, and all these adorable choices are wonderful. Over 600 one-of-a-kind stickers designed by Lisa Frank are included in this three-pack. This purchase includes three packs of Lisa stickers, each within its packaging. There is only one copy of each of the three covers, which feature unicorns, dolphins, and dogs, respectively because it means that.

Lisa Frank Stickers Smaller Heart:

The specific sticker before it is gone forever. The smaller heart and star and smaller stickers appear on multiple sheets, but the other stickers are of great quality and size. This book does contain some repetitions, but who cares. They’re big and stunning to look at. It takes a lot to pique the interest of a teenage boy in ninth grade about a sticker. Suitable for a birthday celebration themed around Lisa Frank or the Rainbow Majesty Unicorn. Toys and games with the official Lisa Frank logo.

Boosts Creative & Artistic Skills:

The Fashion Angels Sticker Collage Poster Set will provide hours of entertainment and inspiration. Put some colours and stickers on each of the 15 posters. The finished posters will make lovely wall décor for any room. Hanging up or displaying your child’s artwork will bring her great joy and pride. The artwork on these pages can be preserved for future generations by having them framed. The perfect on-the-go activity kit for girls and tweens since the spiral-bound poster book is compact and perfect for stowing away a purse.

Bring Lisa Frank:

This collage poster kit is perfect for those last-minute holiday gifts or awesome birthday presents for the people you care about. Subject matter 15 detachable posters and over 400 stickers are included in this one collage book. Ages 6 and up is the Suggested Age Range. It has been on my shelf for quite some time. However, I think it almost certainly does. There have been no issues for me. In addition to being a big hit with my kids, they stick wonderfully. There may even be horoscope stickers.

The Holo Stickers Need Extra Glue:

This sticker book is great, and I even had the older version (without the holographic stickers) when I was a kid! Sticking these holo stickers to plastic can cause them to detach, but additional glue can solve this problem. Avoid using non-transparent scotch tape because it will diminish the holographic effect. Normal bumper stickers are just fine, though! When these arrived, I let out a shriek of excitement. Look how great they are, and look how many stickers there are! The fact that there are multiples of each page.

Quality And Quantity; New School Lisa Frank:

It was a birthday present from my fiancee three years ago. It was clear that I needed to go back to kindergarten. As a junior high art teacher, I brought them to school to distribute to my students. It’s safe to say they enjoyed widespread acclaim. I still have stickers from three years ago.  Plenty of sticker books out there promise you 1000 stickers but don’t deliver. Commonly, you’ll receive several pages of minute repetitions.


  1. These decorative stickers add a special touch to your laptop, windows, and more.
  2. Easily removable kiss-cut vinyl stickers.
  3. Extremely sturdy and resistant to moisture.
  4. Each design should have a white border measuring 1/8 inch (3.2mm).
  5. It has a matte finish.
  6. Sticker varieties might be printed and shipped from various facilities.

Lisa Frank Sticker Pad-Over 600 Stickers:

Sticker Book by Lisa Frank for Addicts There are more than 600 stickers in the three-pack set of Lisa Frank products. Contains three packs of Lisa Frank stickers, each in its packaging. No duplicates in this set of three covers featuring the Rainbow Majesty Unicorn, dolphins, and dogs. There are more than two hundred stickers and an activity book in every pack of Lisa Frank stickers. Stickers’ compact size makes them ideal for use as school supplies, inspiration tools, and rewards, Ideal for Lisa Frank-themed parties.

Vintage Lisa Frank:

Retro from the 90s, a Prismatic Alien Planner by Lisa Frank, named the Zoomer & Zorbit. A faded planner. A piece of the keychain broke off, but it was easily fixed with a dab of glue. Aliens aren’t featured on all room dividers. There are blank and scribbled-on pages among the rest. It includes a full sheet of stickers. The vinyl zipper bag has been damaged and is held together with scotch tape, but it is present. As a whole, the planner is flawed and damaged any questions about it.

Product Description:

The latest craze in the crafting world is sticker collage, and this poster set has everything you need to master the art form. There are more than four hundred and fifty stickers in the set, including holographic, photo real, alphabet, trendy icon, positive messaging, food stickers, and fifteen pre-printed backgrounds on which to arrange them. The time spent creating art for this portfolio will be well spent. It’s great for parties and sleepovers; if you want to do something original and entertaining away from the screen, this portfolio.


  • Six hundred and fifty lovable stickers Images of each sheet are provided below. I am totalling five pages.
  • You can find birthday stickers among the many other types of holiday stickers.
  • Exciting, vibrant, and full of joy!
  • It is exactly what I needed because they stick so well to paper.


  • One of the stickers was adhered to the inside of the cover, as seen in the second picture I uploaded.
  • Even if I lose one of my six hundred stickers, it’s no big deal.
  • If a sticker refuses to adhere, I reach for the glue stick instead of the tape.


An Extremely Large Assortment of Lisa Frank Stickers Over 2,200 Stickers in this Lisa Frank Sticker Pack and Other Scrapbooking Accessories. This Lisa Frank sticker set includes a pad with scenes and borders, four rainbow-coloured pencils, and thousands of Lisa Frank stickers. The over 2,200 stickers in the set will keep kids entertained for quite some time. As party favours or decorations, this Lisa Frank sticker set is ideal. A plethora of reward stickers.


What products does Lisa Frank sell?

Arts and craft supplies are where Lisa Frank makes the bulk of its profit. If you’re in the market for such items, Lisa Frank is a possible option.

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We sift through reviews and ratings for Lisa Frank products from around the web, totalling millions, to determine which products are the most popular with our audience.

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Bendon, Bendon Publishing, and Dalmatian Pr. are responsible for mass producing the majority of Lisa Frank goods.