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Male Reality Calculator thinks women naturally stop growing at 6 feet and 7 inches. Even though it is stated on the website, “inspired by its feminine equal,” igotstandardsbro.com is a male-oriented website. On the other hand, Leckie observed that making deductions about things is never a good idea. Although this is based on the assumption that mothers are more invested in their children, I believe this would be a more true representation if the same person had created both calculators. “Because in this context, it would be considered more “offensive” than it already is. Here we are going to discuss Male Reality Calculator.

The Dating Reality Check Calculator Explained And How:

Check your chances of meeting your soulmate with the dating male reality calculator check calculator.You should likely adjust your expectations. Most individuals want to discover the one true love of their lives, but it can seem unachievable after a string of shaky relationships and bad dates. However, it’s well-known that men have a harder time using dating apps than women, so does this suggest that women’s expectations are excessively high regarding online dating?

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According to the user, only 5.3% of the US male population is eligible for the program’s requirements of unmarried males aged 31–49, at least 5ft 8in, and not obese. Because they have to be compatible, the true figure is probably much smaller. According to the commenters, the percentage is low since many males in that age group are married, and they argue that it’s rare for a 31-year-old male to earn 50,000 or more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men earned a median annual.

Female Delusion Calculator:

A percentage and a hallucination score based on a cat lady scale are generated when you input your age, race, height, and income preferences. A “lonely cat lady” is someone who has five litters of kittens under her care. Although it’s not labelled as a “man illusion scale,” men can use the male reality calculator to see where they stand. One red pill means the user is “easy to please,” while five red pills mean the user “doesn’t belong in this world.”

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen:

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Female Delusion Calculator And It’s Just As Toxic As It Sounds:

Is there a ‘kind’ of relationship that you prefer? What kind of man are you looking for? And how likely do you think we’ll be able to track him down? You’re deluded to the extent that “you don’t even belong in this world,” says a new online tool, regardless of your inclinations. Ouch. To put things in perspective, I’m a 22-year-old Indian woman at 5’8″. This is what we looked for unmarried, Asian, at least 5’9″ in height, and making at least 20,000 per year.

Calculus and Cat Litter Bags:

Hosted on the domain name “igotstandardsbro.com,” the “Female Delusion male reality calculator ” allows heterosexual women to enter their preferences for age, race, height, weight, income, and marital status to estimate their chances of meeting the “ideal man.” Here, you can select from a range of ages ranging from 18 to 85 years old, from white to black to Asian to “Any hue or shade,” and a maximum height of seven feet with the option to “exclude fat.”Due to its lack of diversity, let us take.

The Delusional Reality:

With all of this in mind, is it possible for these websites to have an immediate effect on someone? The relationship expert and breakup coach Trina Leckie, who hosts the breakup BOOST podcast, tells SCREENSHOT that “even though I’d see this more as a joke website, a lot of women will come across this and allow it to affect them in a way that they’d feel even more hopeless about meeting ‘the one than they do now,” she says. It, in my opinion, is a detrimental message to send.

There Is So Much More To Have A Solid And Healthy Relationship Than Height And Income:

In Leckie’s opinion, other qualities women look for in a mate are a reasonable level of effort, thoughtfulness, humour, and respect. To get a feel of how he’d act as a parent, the expert said, “a woman likes to watch him connect with children.” Another item on the to-do list is mutual interest. Because he prefers camping and she prefers city vacations, this could lead to conflict in the future. Dear Mr North American with an ex-dating history, I hope you’re paying attention.

A Dangerous Flirtation With Assumptions:

Whack-A-Mole, the internet, in my opinion, cannot be entirely controlled or banned. As a result, there is now a website for guys who want to see how likely they will meet their “dream woman.”There you have it, the ‘Male Reality Calculator’ because men have reasonable expectations while women are crazy. From 18 to 85 years of age, you have the option of excluding mothers as well as different options for married females. Doesn’t this bolster the stereotype that mothers are more dedicated to their children?

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While virtual sexual assaults continue to be reported, concerns regarding women’s experiences in the theMetaversee remain. According to Business Insider, a female researcher examining the behaviour of Meta’s Horizon World users had her virtual avatar raped within an hour of donning her VR headset from Oculus. The researcher in question was part of the theMetaversee: another toxic content cesspool investigation conducted by non-profit corporate accountability group SumOfUs and published on May 24, 2022. The analyst’s violent interaction is described in detail in the report.


The chances of finding a man like this are around 1.7%. Asian men between 18 and 29 make up 24.9 per cent of the population. An accompanying probability table visually shows the statistics among a data set of 1,000 men who come from rubbing salt into the wound. There’s more to it than that. You also get a “delusion score” after the game.


Is the dating reality check calculator a wake-up call?

After a 21-year-old woman sent a now-deleted Tinder message, it went viral. An anonymous female Reddit user posted her results from a dating calculator.

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The dating reality check calculators use instructions. Visit the Female Delusion Calculator page if you are a woman. Enter your age, race, height, and income.

How to use the dating reality check calculator?

The takeaways don’t end there for a cat lady scale measuring hallucination. Towards the end, you’re also hit up with.