Everything to know about Muddy bites waffle cone snacks!

Muddy bites waffle cone snacks are a company started by Tyler Devos and Jarod Steffes. Their goal was to provide people with bite-sized cones filled with milk chocolate. During a recent episode of Startup Stories DSM, the two entrepreneurs had a conversation about the product, the impact of COVID-19 on their company, and how they market their company. They also discussed how they came up with the idea for the podcast. With Muddy Bites, there is no longer a need to save the greatest mouthful for last because every bite is just as good as the previous. Here we will discuss more muddy bites waffle cone snacks.

What are muddy bites waffle cone snacks?

The muddy bites waffle cone snacks business is excited to introduce Sundae cones sold by ice cream manufacturers that have typically featured a delectable layer of chocolate at their base for many years. It swiftly became the most enjoyable component for a significant number of individuals. It’s a shame that nobody had thought of doing it until today. Each package comes with three individual bags of Muddy Bites, which may be purchased in milk, dark, or white chocolate varieties.

A Struggle from the Beginning:

When they first started their journey with Muddy Bites, neither Devos nor Steffes had any prior experience with the procedure of pouring chocolate into cones of the appropriate size. They discussed failing upward as they experimented, which resulted in scorched fingers virtually every day, burnt chocolate, and even cut fingers as they tested cutting cones for several months. They also talk about failing downwards, which resulted in falling downwards as they experimented.

Facts about muddy bites waffle cone snacks:

The tips of ice cream cones have been transformed into a light, crispy snack and just the right size for a mouthful, thanks to the ingenious waffle cone nibbles. These miniature sundae cone pieces, filled with creamy milk chocolate, allow you to savour that sweet moment of perfect delight for a little longer. Also available in a variety pack makes for a fantastic present option.

Have a nibble of these lighter:

These light and crispy muddy bites waffle cone snacks, which have been handcrafted, are filled with delectable dark chocolate, making them an absolute one-of-a-kind snack. We have taken the most delicious element of a sundae cone and converted it into a snack that can be eaten in just a few bites! Each serving of Muddy Bites comes in a resealable bag and features approximately 14 bite-sized pieces that can be saved later.

Joy in Increasing Quantity:

You may relive the most significant portion again with approximately 14 -sized bits in each bag of Muddy Bites. Including a zip-lock bag that may be sealed ensures that you will always have the tastiest morsel time after time. Mini waffle cones are crisp, light, and filled with silky, decadent milk chocolate. After each bite, you will get the comforting sense of contentment when you’ve just finished a sundae cone.

Cones made of little waffles:

The combination of delectable chocolate and crunchy little waffle cones is one that just cannot be topped. These chocolate nibbles are tremendously enjoyable to eat and impossible to put down once you start. Combine with ice cream or milkshake of your choice for an infinite amount of enjoyment. A snack may be eaten at any time of day and with anything else.

Five in a pack:

Each order will receive five resealable bags of muddy bites waffle cone snacks, each of which will have around 14 individual bites when it arrives. Because our products include chocolate, we advise storing them in a location that is either cool or at room temperature as soon as they are received. However, the two individuals developed a successful product via trial and error within a reasonable time.

Who are Devos and Steffes?

They tried cutting it with scissors, a reciprocating saw, a band saw, and a tool that Devos had invented, but it shattered into a million pieces. After much trial and error, Devos and Steffes finally achieved their goal when they realized that a tube cutter could be used to cut the cones. They attempted to fill the cones with chocolate with a little spoon, which spilt all over the place. Charred chocolate was the aroma that permeated their kitchen area.

The Consequences of COVID-19:

Customers continued to buy the goods even though it was unclear when the business would be able to resume normal operations, which enabled it to maintain profitability during uncertainty. Between November 2019 and March 2020, Muddy Bites rapidly increased in popularity on the internet. When the Muddy Bites website was inaccessible, a message was displayed that informed users of the reasons behind the suspension of service and the delay in processing orders.

Getting Started in Retail:

Devos describes how the company’s testing of the retail area with a few storefront shops helped them discover the requirement to eventually automate the machinery to expand statewide within the retail sector. Now, he and Steffes are getting ready to launch the next phase of growth, which will require them to raise additional funds. Muddy Bites decided to close their factory for the next three months. On the day of our launch, we generated sales of more than $20,000 and received more than 800 orders.

Greater Des Moines:

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Where precisely are Muddy Bites manufactured?

Several months have passed, and we are now settled into our new home in Ames, Iowa, which is 2,500 square feet in size. On November 4, 2019, we will officially launch our whole online store. The day was just what we imagined it would be at Muddy Bites. Muddy Bites was able to locate its target demographic with the assistance of micro-influencers, defined as influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers and who publish photographs and videos of their products.


Still photographs and moving images significantly aided the dissemination of information regarding Muddy Bites. You need excellent digital content to highlight the things to promote food products successfully. One of these micro-influencers even had a video that was only five to seven seconds long become viral, which started a chain reaction that was beneficial to the company and helped it on its way to success.


Are there any vegan options for the muddy bites of dark chocolate?

The following may be found in the Frequently Asked Questions area of the Muddy Bites website: “Muddy Bites are NOT currently gluten-free, vegan, or Kosher certified.

What exactly does “nutrition info” mean?

You’ll find all this information printed on the back of the product bags, and Muddy Bites’ website is where you can view the accompanying images.

Do these come with ice packs if Muddy Bites is responsible for the shipping?

They do not need ice packs in any way. These are small waffle cones that have chocolate melted inside of them. And I do mean miniature. Muddy bites can now again be purchased in select retail establishments.