Everything that you should need to know about Oikawa’s.

Oikawa’s: Known in the English translation as Tohru Oikawa, Tru is a Japanese character. After graduating from high school in the third year of his junior year, he served as the team captain and setter for Aoba Johsai High’s boys’ volleyball team. Preliminary arcs of Interhigh and Spring High have him as the primary antagonist. He presently plays for Club Atlético San Juan in the Argentine Volleyball Federation as a setter. He is the starting setter on the national team, having earned Argentinian citizenship. Oikawa has long, dark brown hair styled in an updo and brown eyes.


Several girls follow him wherever he goes because they think he’s gorgeous. The smiles and grins Oikawa flashes are often fake, according to Iwaizumi. In addition to strong waving gestures, he frequently flashes a wide smile or a wink when expressing joy. Another of his signature expressions is to smile and wink while sticking out his tongue. Oikawa wears the customary aqua and white Aoba Johsai High School uniform branded with the number one when he’s playing on the court.


Although Oikawa is known for his flirting behavior and childishness, he is an outstanding volleyball player who seriously takes his sport. Because of his cocky and flippant demeanor, he’s been dubbed “disgusting” by both opponents and teammates alike. Oikawa also commonly makes cheery remarks but follows up with serious or intimidating afterthoughts. He has a keen eye for spotting his teammate’s and opponents’ frailties, and he uses this talent to great effect.


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc:

While playing Karasuno and Aoba, Oikawa appeared only in the third set of the practice match. Tanaka was instantly enraged by Oikawa’s popularity with the female students present. When Hinata introduces Oikawa to his team, Kageyama discloses that he learned how to serve and block by watching Oikawa play.

Shiratorizawa Academy vs. Aoba Johsai Academy:

Oikawa is confident that Aoba Johsai will eventually overcome Ushijima and Shiratorizawa in this match. Aoba Johsai had put in a lot of time and effort, yet they still lost.

Expedition Tokyo:

Oikawa bumps into Kageyama as he exits a Lil’ Tykes Volleyball class with his nephew, Takeru. Oikawa first resisted Oikawa’s pleas for assistance, but Kageyama relinquished his pride and bowed to Oikawa. Before agreeing to listen to Kageyama’s predicament of Hinata adjusting to the swift attack, Oikawa grabbed the opportunity to have his nephew shoot a picture of the interaction.

Preliminary Arc: Spring High:

Pre-qualifying, Kageyama tells his squad about Oikawa’s practice sessions with university students and how quickly the newcomer joined in with them. Later, Oikawa can use any batter in any way he sees fit, thanks to Kageyama’s flexibility. In the evening, Oikawa, who appears to be getting a cold, is angered when Iwaizumi threatens to kill him if he does.

Date Tech vs. Aoba Johsai matchup:

In an attempt to be cordial with Futakuchi, Oikawa shakes his hand and promises him that he will have another year to win the championship if his team loses this year. Takeuchi is on the defensive and instructs Oikawa to disregard age and rank because Date Tech’s main purpose is to win. Watari switches to Oikawa for the second set. Date Tech has a hard time getting through the opponent’s defense because of Date Tech’s excellent blocking.

The Tokyo Nationals Arc:

During Karasuno’s game versus Inarizaki, Oikawa appears for a brief moment. He was once again present when Hinata was pulled from the game, and Karasuno eventually fell to Kamomedai High.

Oikawa and Imaizumi:

After arriving at the Sendai City Gymnasium for the Interhigh Tournament, Oikawa is separated from his teammates by a crowd of adoring fangirls. When he is going to let a photographer take a picture of him, he is hit with volleyball out of nowhere. As soon as Oikawa realizes that oikawa and Imaizumi had hit him, he feels frightened. Oikawa doesn’t want to aggravate Iwaizumi any further, so he follows his pal into the gym.


He is well-known and feared for his powerful and accurate jump-serve, a move that Oikawa learned to use after seeing it on television and thinking it was wonderful. He serves with precise accuracy to win a point, often aiming for an opponent player, a gap between two players, or employing a whole other strategy.

Perceived Observation:

Oikawa has a solid feel of where he is about his environment, and he can interpret other people’s moves and emotions effortlessly. Because Kageyama and Hinata utilized code words for communicating, he was able to pick up on their scheme very instantly. He is also quick to notice if any of his teammates are being singled out for special treatment.

Oikawa birthday:

The date July 20th is a nod to Alexander the Great, who was born on that day and was dubbed “the Great King” by the Greeks. Oikawa is the name given to Hinata by Oikawa in the Japanese language. The oikawa birthday is in July.

Oikawa argentina:

Daichi was involved in a collision, which Oikawa clarifies to Iwaizumi. At this point in the game, Oikawa is worried that Daichi may be out for the rest of the game due to a concussion and recalls stories he has heard about Iwaizumi’s fear of the same about oikawa argentina. As a result of the time jump, Oikawa relocated to Argentina, where gay marriage is allowed. Many followers speculate that he moved to Japan to marry Iwaizumi officially.

Oikawa’s mom:

Kuro Einz, Isabella Einz, and Oikawa’s mom named Emma Oikawa, who attended Senbonzakura High School back in the day. From the time they were tiny kids, the Little Giant and she had a crush on each other. The school’s volleyball team counts her as a wing spiker and outside hitter among its former captains. In Dilemma of the Oikawa Family, her debut, she is a cast member.


At Oikawa’s Junior High School, a member and setter, he received the “Best Setter Award” during his third year. At one point, he nearly punched Tobio Kageyama in the face when the former senior setter requested that he teach him to serve, but Hajime Iwaizumi prevented it. He later remorsefully apologized to Kageyama for his actions. In addition to his athletic prowess, he was also born with an excellent sense of direction.


Does Oikawa have a lot of money?

Hajime encounters Oikawa Tooru, the CEO of Oikawa’s Tech, resulting from that proposal. Although they swiftly establish themselves as a sugar couple, romantic feelings for each other begin to surface.

What is the oikawa height?

Oikawa’s height is 184.3 centimeters.

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