Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters review

Tomorrow, Nintendo Switch owners may get their hands on Pokemon Legends Arceus starters, the series’ most risky entry in years. The new game dramatically changes the decades-old Pokemon formula by adding more real-time action and a larger scale than ever before.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the upcoming release of Pokemon Legends in light of these changes, making the game seem extremely different to longtime Pokemon fans. You may wonder who makes the finest starter in Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters before you set out on your adventure. You can choose one of three different starting series to accompany you on your first journey, just as in every previous series game. Even though this game is vastly different from its predecessors, that remains a constant. While there may be a best in Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters, there are a few things to keep in mind. A word of caution, though.

The storyline of Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters:

In terms of story, Pokemon Legends Arceus starters serve as a prologue to the events of Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl. The game takes place in prehistoric times when the name for the Sinnoh area was Hisui, and there was no such thing as a Pokemon trainer or a Pokemon League.

You’ve been cast as a new member of the Galaxy Team, an exploration team that travels throughout Hisui doing surveys. Throughout these quests, you’ll go to several locations; your ultimate objective is to collect Pokemon and compile the first regional Pokedex.

Tips for Choosing Arceus as Your First Pokemon in Pokémon Legends:

CHOOSING a beginning Pokémon is a mandatory first step in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. As all the potential openers are strong in their own right, this can be a paralyzing task. They’re also ridiculously adorable if you can believe it. Rowlett, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil are your options now. However, there are probabilistic upsides to picking one over the other. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the three different Pokémon Legends: Arceus starters and explain why you might choose to select one over the other.

Beware, there are some minor Pokemon Legends plot spoilers ahead: Arceus.

All three Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ available protagonists hail from distinct generations. You have the Fire-type Cyndaquil from generation 2, the Water-type Oshawott from generation 5, and the Rowlet from generation 7. If you’re familiar with Pokemon games, you’ll see that the three adhere to the standard Water/Fire/Grass typing that all starting options do. It means that while one is formidable against the others, it is helpless in the face of the others. Cyndaquil, for instance, is very useful against Rowlet yet is easily defeated by Oshawott.

Challengers in Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters:

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters, however, deviates from the standard paradigm in that you do not face off against an opponent. You have a challenger in Rei, a fellow Survey Corps member, but unlike in the norm where your opponent picks a Pokemon that is the polar opposite of your own as their starter, Rei has chosen Pikachu. There are fewer trainer battles and a greater emphasis on open-world exploration in the series, making it feel like the game’s starting Pokemon doesn’t make much of a difference.

Rowlett’s dual Grass/Flying-type status gives it a modest beginning-of-the-game boost, but only a minor one. Spoilers ahead, but when the credits roll and you enter the final game, Professor Laventon will hand you the remaining two starters you didn’t choose. Fascinatingly, you can also base your initial choice on the fact that all three of our starters have updated Hisuian forms. It’s worth noting.

Separate Generations:

All three of these starters come from separate generations of Pokémon. Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced players. Pokemon Black and White introduced players to Oshawott, and Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced players to Rowlet. Especially since their Hisuian forms vary slightly from the versions you may be used to; you should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Powerful Characters:

In most cases, the other Pokémon you have access to and the sorts of Gym leaders will dictate which is the best Pokémon to use as a starter; but, in this game, there are also potent Noble Pokémon, which may change your mind. The Bug/Rock Kleavor, the Grass/Fighting Lilligant, and the Fire/Rock Hisuian Arcanine are all examples. Any of these monsters is more than capable of handling what’s to come, but if you want to factor in the upcoming key battles, here are some things to think about.

Three years old Character Rowlett

Because of its dual natures at the outset, Rowlet is an excellent pick. Pokémon, and He, unlike the other two Pokémon, have two types at the outset: Grass and Flying. This gives you a small advantage early on, but its final is weak to all of the Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters. The moveset of Hisuian Decidueye helps to make up for the fact that it is vulnerable to six different types and strong against the same number. However, it would help if you search elsewhere for an advantage over early Noble Pokémon.

The other most important Character, Cyndaquil:

Cyndaquil’s utility increases early in the game when fewer fire kinds are available.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., and Pokémon Co.

The lack of other Fire types in the game’s early stages is a major selling point for Cyndaquil as a starter. Thus it’s best to get one on your squad as soon as possible. As a Fire/Ghost-type with certain strengths against common kinds, Cyndaquil’s evolution into Hisuian has many limitations. Include Electric, Poison, Fighting, and Ground Pokémon to finish your team. While Cyndaquil is a fantastic pick early in Legends: Arceus, it may struggle later on, especially if you have access to other strong Fire-type alternatives.

Oshawott’s Role:

Oshawott presents challenges because it is a Pokémon that develops into a strong contender. It’s hard to get attached to at first because it’s a Water-type with poor defences. While it may lack in defence, it more than makes up for it with a high Attack and Special Attack, and the best Water attacks are Special Attacks anyhow. It has average Speed but decent HP. In time, he evolves into a powerful Pokémon Legends Arceus Starters with versatile abilities.


Q1. All of the Pokemon Legends Arceus starters, is that possible?

After catching Palkia and Dialga, the player can speak with Professor Laverton to receive all the starters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Q2. Does Arceus include Charizard?

Regrettably, this person has not yet been added to Arceus. Although the Kanto starters were hugely popular, none have made it into Pokemon Legends Arceus starters.

Q3. Pokemon Legends Arceus starters feature a breeding system.

It can only be bred with another Pokemon named “Ditto.” As a general rule, you need another same egg group and the opposite sex to breed your current hero. On the other hand, Ditto is not gender-restricted and can breed with any character’s egg group.