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They were taking notes meme! Transfer of cultural knowledge is one way to put it. Previous comment trends have seen taking notes meme their followers to troll other creators to move traffic to their accounts.in January of 2020, when Austyn first conceptualized the brown, aj brown requested that his followers write “Austyn” in the comments. Under “most viewed videos” on their “For You Page,” This kind of behaviour is common amongst TikTok cults.

Instances of the Group Putting on a Show no matter what they’re asked to do, including messages or switching to an identical profile picture. The creator of the video below seems to take pleasure in the viewer’s anger—girlfriend play-fights with him. Viewers’ comments revealed a severe lack of which they “took notes” on how to entertain the creator—thirst traps and others that are mere.

The song “L.A.LOVE (la la la)” is featured in the videos of this genre YG” by Fergie. What does it mean if I say, “could I pull you? Sexual or romantic taking notes meme the slang term. With this trend, TikTokers display various selfies, some of which are images reminiscent of classics.

Charlie Kelly Explaining To A Seal Memes:

Members of Reddit have given the Charlie Kelly hoax a new spin. By adding a second panel showing him ecstatically telling a seal how to do something. This particular seal has been found to have human seal’s hands interlocked as if it were waiting for its turn to either make a statement or reflect on what Charlie is saying. The origin of this particular meme can be traced back to an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the Philadelphia setting, Charlie Kelly is played by Charlie Day.

Taking Notes Meme Theory:

Explains an outlandish theory he came up with relating to mail fraud and a man named Pepe Silvia, whom he confided in his friend. On a Mac, the seal photo was originally uploaded to the r/PhotoshopBattles subreddit. The “thinking about that” thread where it was posted.something embarrassing you said many years ago. In about the middle of October in the year 2020, Combining these two memes gives the impression that Charlie Kelly is The fat seal he was trying to explain his theory to. Popular examples of what these memes depict include Imaginary.

What Does Emoji Mean On Meme:

The emoji of handwriting is commonly seen in online discussion forums TikTok. The symbol shows the viewer making notes in connection with the video. Common comment formats include a quote or give a summary of a pivotal scene in the video that is meant to be remembered funny. There is an emoji in between each word in the comment. The creator seems to take pleasure in his girlfriend’s rage in the video below, engages him in mock combat Commenters expressed.

Tiktok Vhackerr Meme:

A huge number of people may like these comments. But even so, It’s unclear if the high level of interaction with this kind of comment on the account that left the message will gain followers. A common pattern amongst TikTok videos is for the commenters to encourage the uploader to get more views by fanatics to troll rival content creators to increase views for themselves, figuratively. The year was 2020, and it was in January that the creator For the comment.

Different kinds of taking notes acome and go, like dance styles on TikTok. The most recent trend in comments features Zoomers making light of serious issues. To recite famous lines or commemorate landmarks in video emoji. It has become shorthand for “making notes.” After hearing this, many people felt compelled to acclaim around the beginning of October. Usually, in remarks like these, Make sure to paraphrase something from the video or include a quote to illustrate the “taking notes” emoji between each pair of words. A remark like “notes” is meant to be humorous.

How To Make A Meme:

In the 2020 presidential election, Vice President Mike Pence was stung by a fly. Electoral College Vote on the Vice President Making a Meme Pick one out. Start with a well-known design by searching through over a million user-uploaded templates on the search box, or “Upload new template” to select and upload a new one from scratch example document from your local storage or an online resource as a basis for design search for “blank” or “empty” templates if you’re starting from scratch.

Meme Customizations:

Add customizations. Insert words, pictures, stickers, drawings, and blank spaces, using the tabs next to your meme canvas. Construct and disseminate. Hit Select how you’d like to share and save your meme after clicking ” taking notes meme. you can click on the link or download it to your computer, And if you want to talk to one of a plethora of meme subreddits on Imgflip to the right of the keypad. Imgflip is compatible.

How Can I Customize My Meme?

  • The text boxes are draggable so you can change their location and size.
  • Term For: A Falling Action “in the Additional Choices menu. As many as you like can be
  • The Add Text button allows you to create as many new text boxes as you need.
  • Change the font and outline colour right next to You’re currently typing out some text at the keyboard.
  • You can use the adjustment symbol to change each text box’s font size and style.


They were taking notes meme! Transfer of cultural knowledge is one way to put it—an part of a way of life that deserves consideration passably if they can. Creators are jumping on the “could I pull you” TikTok trend in a big way. if I were to ask, “be honest, could I pull you?” Earlier than passing along a wide range of self-photos. Songs are used as the soundtrack in these music videos. It is Fergie’s “L.A.LOVE” with YG. Your uploaded templates are fully editable. Watch as one maker plays the role of the taking notes meme in the parody video below.


Can I use the generator for more than just taking notes meme?

Yes! It’s possible to use the Meme Generator for various tasks. You can use all the available options to create a unique product, including uploading your images.

Can I make an animated or video taking notes meme?

Yes! Looking for a template for an animated meme? See the above Meme Generator. Browse if you can’t find the specific meme you’re looking for.

Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me?

What a peculiar question. I’m afraid we do. In case you needed an ai-meme warning, here it is on imgflip. The content is potentially offensive and features specialized graphics.