Everything that you need to know about Tec Clothing

Tec Clothing Before the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, Jordan made the ScottEvest TEC 2.0 Jacket official. There is a clothing line called Scottevest. It’s one of the company’s most popular products, a commercial travel vest with 15 to 42 compartments for passengers to keep their belongings organised while on the road. A variety of personal items are included in this category, such as travel documents and money. Both men and women can pick from a wide variety of looks and hues. TEC allows you to remain connected while on the go.

Faster airport security screening and shorter travel times can be achieved by wearing the item under any vest or jacket. His retail business uses patented technology and wants to share it with other well-known clothing companies. We’ll talk about Tec Clothing in this article.

Who Is The Founder Of Technology Enabled Tec Clothing?

Scott Jordan, the CEO and founder of the company, came up with the idea for SCOTTeVEST. The earbud wire can be threaded through the holes in this patented vest. Jordan’s pitch was met with scepticism by most Shark Tank investors. As Mark Cuban pointed out, Jordan’s trademark gives him the right to sue any small designer who decides to include a hole like this in their activewear. Instead of the garment itself, Jordan promoted a concept known as TEC or Technology Enabled Clothing.

Mark Cuban & Scottevest:

In fact, according to Jordan, Cuban even offered to pay a competitor’s legal fees should Jordan sue for copyright infringement. WOW! Cuban appears to dislike it when someone outsmarts him. Even though the clause is no longer in effect, Jordan can still not mention the name Scottevest on any broadcast or podcast without risking a 5% fine. The San Antonio Spurs may have a new ardent supporter in this anonymous caller. It offers a variety of vests with multiple pockets for storing personal belongings.

Shark Tank Update:

Technology Enabled Clothing is the licencing arm of Scott Jordan’s ScottEvest empire. A non-practising attorney, Scott, discussed this aspect of his business in Shark Tank episode 311. All electronic devices (like iPads and cell phones) are commonplace in modern life, so technology-enabled clothing has been designed to accommodate them. Using a Technology Enabled Clothing “system” allows for safer transportation, increased convenience, and faster airport security clearance. Jordan’s goal is to licence the patented technology to outerwear manufacturers through his retail business, ScottEvest.

During Shark Tank:

Jordan stated he was willing to pay $500k for a 15% stake in Technology Enhanced Clothing when he entered the Shark Tank. A “gadget guy” is someone who enjoys technology and always carries it around with him. Jordan begins to explain this to the Sharks. Jordan always has a lot of equipment with him, whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, or digital camera. Because he travels frequently, this is even more painful because he carries many things.

Jordan began his $500k investment in Technology Enhanced Clothing with a 15% stake in Shark Tank’s show. A “gadget man,” Jordan declares to the Sharks, is someone who loves technology and always has it with him. Cell phones, iPad and digital cameras are all Jordan’s gadgets of choice at any given time. Adding insult to injury, he’s a frequent flyer, which can be taxing when you’re hauling around a lot of stuff. He built the TEC structure to accommodate these disparate pieces of technology.

After Shark Tank Update:

Scott Jordan and Mark Cuban’s feud only intensified due to their appearance on Shark Tank. “Patent trolling” and a brand called Aye Gear, which mimicked the ScottEvest, were two of the terms used by Cuban to describe Jordan as a “troll.” A few days of Twitter disputes between the two may have been good for them, as they were able to vent their aggression. The Sharks have a lot of hatred toward ScottEvest, but he keeps winning. They sold around $20 million worth of merchandise in 2013.

Quick Facts:

  • Technology Enabled Clothing Company (SCOTTeVEST)
  • Scott Jordan, the founder.
  • Product Apparel with pockets specifically made to hold electronic devices
  • TEC is seeking a $500,000 investment for a 15% stake.
  • No Deal at the End of the Day
  • None of the above choices.
  • In business, a company’s standing.
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Is TEC Clothing Still In Business?

There is still TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing, the licencing arm of the original company, in business today. Ketchum, Idaho, is where the company’s headquarters are located. Participating retail locations globally, on the company’s website and on many e-commerce platforms like Amazon, are available for customers to purchase the company’s items. The product cannot be copied because of patent protection. Similar storage vests can be found in various outdoor and travel-related clothing stores: Columbia Sportswear, a well-known brand.


With ScottEvest estimating 2013 sales of roughly $20 million for Jordan and his company, it’s clear that things are swimmingly. A patent infringement lawsuit against AyeGear is just starting for Technology Enabled Tec Clothing. Before the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, Jordan made the ScottEvest TEC 2.0 Jacket official. Features that have never been seen before can be found in the new jacket generation. On the back of the shoulders are solar panels that can be used to charge mobile devices while you’re out and about.


If you work in the electronics business, you undoubtedly already know how difficult it is to carry all those devices. Everything you need is already in your hands: your phone or tablet or digital camera or laptop, as well as the accompanying devices and gizmos that go with it. These devices are accessible through hidden pockets in the clothing’s lining, thanks to Technology Enabled Clothing, or TEC. Because the cords are hidden, travelling with TEC is a breeze. For this reason, he has high hopes for ScottEvests, well-known among technology fans.


Was Scottevest On Shark Tank?

He is the founder of SCOTTeVEST, a revolutionary apparel business that aims to revolutionise the fashion sector for the digital age.

Is Technology Enabled Tec Clothing Still In Business?

Outerwear producers may be interested in licencing Jordan’s invention for use in their products.

Is Invisiplug Tec Clothing Still In Business?

In November of this year, the case was dismissed. The company went out of business at the end of 2017.