Why is my Roku remote blinking-reasons, and how to solve it?

Why is my Roku remote blinking? The solution to a problem with a blinking light on a Roku control relies on the color of the light in question. When the green light on the Roku remote starts blinking, it is time to change the batteries in the remote. A pairing error is indicated when the light flashes yellow. It indicates that there is no power if the light is flashing red. If the Roku remote’s power indicator is red, the media player is not getting power. Fixing the issue should be as simple as ensuring that the component is attached correctly and that the power is turned on. Here we will discuss more why is my Roku remote blinking.

Reasons why is my Roku remote blinking?

Several different factors could cause the malfunctioning Roku remote’s green light. It can be challenging to learn about these features despite being blatantly obvious, even if you’ve been using Roku for a while. The following are some explanations for why is my Roku remote blinking:

Rundown or nonworking batteries:

Under typical circumstances, the batteries in your Roku control should remain functional for between three and six months. If they go above the allotted time, you risk having your Roku remote stop working correctly and give you other problems.

Roku and remote don’t communicate:

Before using the remote control, you must “pair” or “sync” it with your Roku player. The incorrect pairing of the device can result in various hardware issues, one of which is the rapid green light on the Roku flashing.

Defective Roku controller:

It’s also possible that your Roku remote’s hardware will eventually break down and stop working. The provided remote control isn’t the most durable accessory, and it’s more likely to sustain damage to its internal components as you use it with your Roku streaming media player. If this occurs, you should replace the broken Roku remote with a new one as soon as possible.

Do you have a special remote for your Roku?

Repairing a broken Roku remote usually doesn’t take long, although times will vary depending on the model you’re using. To control their Roku devices, consumers can choose between two types of remotes: the standard infrared remote and the upgraded point-anywhere remote.

Method to fix Roku remote blinking:

Remove Infrared Remote Blocking Objects:

It is necessary to have a clear line of sight between an infrared (IR) remote control and the device it intends to control for the remote to be operational. It is possible that the gadget will not receive the signal if there is something in the way of its path. Because of this, before you use an infrared (IR) device, you need to check to ensure that there are no obstacles in the path it will take.

Check the HDMI ports on the EPA remotes:

An issue with your HDMI cable or connection may be why your Roku control isn’t functioning properly. Verify that the HDMI cable you utilize is correctly connected and in good condition before continuing. If you own a Roku player and find that you need an HDMI extension for it, all you have to do is send Roku the serial number of your device, and they will send you a complimentary extension.

Remember to Inspect the Batteries:

When your remote control suddenly stops working, dead batteries are at fault most of the time. If the green light on your remote control flickers, the batteries need to be replaced. Carefully inspect the case that houses the batteries, and reposition them as necessary if they do not appear to be in the correct position. The remote’s batteries could get displaced and unusable. If the remote control is uncomfortably heated, the battery may leak or not work correctly.

Verify that the following preferences are stored in your remote:

Without proper setup on your end, the Roku remote will be useless to you. Here are the steps you need to take to set up your remote:

Step 1: Get your gadget online by making a network connection.

Step2: You may access the Settings menu through the TV’s app launcher.

Step 3: You’ll see a pop-up asking you to validate your TV’s brand; when you see it, touch the Yes button.

Step 4: Once again, click the “Yes” button to confirm your selection.

Step 5: Okay, the Roku menu will allow you to keep watching your favorite shows.

How to Factory Reset a Roku Remote?

If you conduct a hard reset on the device, all of the settings on your remote will be wiped clean and returned to their initial factory defaults. It should fix any issues that you have been having with the device. To successfully reset your remote, you will need to go through the following steps:

Step 1: You should remove the batteries from your remote control.

Step 2: Disconnect the power cable from your TV’s set-top box and turn it off.

Step 3: It is recommended to turn off the set-top box and wait at least five minutes before reconnecting the power cable and turning it back on.

Step 4: Replace the batteries in the remote control immediately if the Roku home screen appears when you turn on the TV.

Step 5: To get you’re remote to work, please wait at least a minute and a half.

Re-Associate Your Remote Control:

A yellow light will flash on the remote if the device is not correctly synced with the Roku.  Remove the batteries from your remote and turn off your set-top box.

1: There should be at least five minutes between plugging in the power cord and turning on the set-top box.

2: Turn on your TV and wait for the Roku interface to load.

3: Find the “pairing” button inside the remote’s battery door and press it for three seconds or until the remote’s yellow indicator light starts flashing.

4: If the light still doesn’t turn on, return to the previous step and try again.

5: Wait at least a minute and a half while the remote makes a connection.

6: If the pairing goes well, you’ll see a screen with a message of congratulations.


Roku is one of the most trusted media streamers for modern electronics, including smart TVs, game consoles, and laptops. The Roku streaming player remote is always included in the box at no extra charge. You’ll need to link the remote up with your Roku streaming player before you can use it to its full potential. Several Roku customers have reported that their remote’s green light blinks. When you pair the Roku remote, this happens. From the above, you will be able to know why is my Roku remote blinking.


Why is my Roku remote blinking?

To unmute Roku, find the button depicting a speaker with an x in front of it on your Roku remote and hit it. Between three and five years is the usual life expectancy of your Roku control.

Where can I find that button if I need to reset my Roku?

If you look in the battery compartment of your Roku remote, you may find a reset button. Pressing this button will establish a connection between the gadget and your TV.