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If you write for the Blog, your work could be seen by people all over the world. Your thoughts and findings will be disseminated among readers from all over the world thanks to the high volume of visitors you receive. If your guest article is approved, it will be posted within three to four days. Please check that your submission is over 600 words long, contains no grammatical errors, and otherwise satisfies the standards specified by our moderators before submitting it for publication consideration.

Write to to discuss rates and submission guidelines for guest posts. Once our editors have reviewed your submission, you will be notified of any necessary revisions. The editor will get back to you within 24 hours. Please send your post as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document with any accompanying photographs as attachments (with proper copyright-free rights). All contributions will be read by our editorial team, and we will do our best to give each author a fair shot at being published on Our Blog. We welcome contributions from anybody, wherever in the world, and encourage you to join our growing community by posting your own original thoughts and experiences. Join our team of talented authors that help others have incredible lives!