Everything to know about Yusuf kama!

Yusuf Kama is an ambitious, bright, and resourceful man. Yusuf kama plays a significant role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Brother to his half-younger sister, he was born to Laurena Lestrange and Mustafa Kama. Corvus Lestrange swore an unbreakable Vow to avenge the deaths of his parents by killing the person he loved the most: Credence Barebone, after learning that Leta’s younger brother, also named Corvus, had been lost in the shipwreck in which Leta and Credence were passengers. Yusuf aided Newt Scamander, Porpentina Goldstein, Nagini, and Jacob Kowalski in their battle against Grindelwald. In this article, we will discuss Yusuf kama in detail.

Initiating Actions:

Yusuf Kama was born in 1884 to the great sorcerers Mustafa and Laurena Kama. The Kama family all lived in one house. Mustafa’s pain drove him insane, and with his last breath, he forced Yusuf to vow an Unbreakable Vow to avenge him on the one person Lestrange loved more than anything. Since Yusuf couldn’t find Irma, and it appeared that Corvus had evaded him, it seems logical to believe that Irma’s magic was ineffective.

Motivated by a desire for revenge:

Corvus Lestrange was a guy who Yusuf’s mom and dad knew, and he had his eye on Yusuf’s sister Laurena. In 1896, he used the Imperius Curse to kidnap Laurena in the middle of the night. To Yusuf’s attempt to stop her, Lestrange hurled a string of obscenities. From that point on, Yusuf and his mom hardly spoke. The mother of Lestrange’s daughter, Leta, Laurena, had passed away during labour. After hearing Yusuf’s vow of vengeance, Lestrange took his two children and his servant, Irma Dugard, and left for the United States.

Who it is designed to reach:

Yusuf’s first target was Leta, the lone surviving member of Lestrange’s immediate family, but after finding that Lestrange did not care for his daughter, he shifted his focus to Lestrange. After Laurena’s passing, Yusuf discovered that Lestrange had married Clarisse Tremblay. Lestrange did not feel romantically connected to Clarisse, his self-named son with her in 1901 was the center of his world. Yusuf decided he needed to get even with Corvus.

Conflict amongst the world’s wizards:

In 1927, Yusuf Kama accompanied Credence Barebone to Paris since he had important business there. Unfortunately for Yusuf, he mistook Credence for Corvus Lestrange, the son of Corvus Lestrange IV, who Imperialized Yusuf’s mother, and gave up on trying to find and kill him. It was whispered that Credence had seen the Maledictus Nagini perform at the Circus Arcanus. As the circus owner Skender mocked Nagini onstage, Kama kept a close eye on him. In her snake form, Nagini launched an attack against Skender.

Animals that are released into the wild based on trust:

A few minutes later, the audience began to disperse as word of Credence’s decision to let the animals loose spread. Unfortunately for Yusuf, the Obscurial escaped with Credence and Nagini when the circus closed. When he overheard the Auror, Porpentina Goldstein, and Skender, he immediately realized they were discussing Barebone. After she was done, he suggested they go out for tea to unwind.

Tina Goldstein, a Personal Introduction:

Yusuf mentioned that he might be a relative of Credences during his meeting with Tina at the café. He promised the witch that he had proof that could not be disproved if she believed him. Kama lured Tina into the sewers, where he kept the Lestrange family tree and his research materials so that he could steal them. He probably locked her up and stole her wand to prevent the woman from interfering with his plans.

Jacob Kowalski and Newt Scamander Finally Confer :

Yusuf and Goldstein went to a cafe and returned home afterward. The parasitic eye was injected after he returned from the restroom. Newt Scamander and the muggle Jacob Kowalski approached Harry as he was leaving the cafe proper to inquire about his acquaintance Tina. At first, Yusuf gave them the runaround but eventually agreed to lead the guys to the witch. Following his lead, they descended into the sewers, where Newton was disarmed, and Jacob, he, and Porpentina were locked up.

As quickly as he could, Yusuf left:

Despite knowing that his business with Credence will likely result in the kid’s death or his own, Yusuf tells his captives that he will return to release them. The parasite caused the African-French magician to start sweating excessively and quickly falling. In helping the Newts escape, Pickett’s Bowtruckle skills were vital.

Zouwu’s bustling city centre:

Zulu, Newt, Tina, and Jacob loaded Kama and headed for the Alexander III Bridge after discovering suspicious activity. Scamander played with the animal to distract it while Tina and Jacob helped Yusuf, who had passed out, to recover. The card Newt had obtained from Albus Dumbledore in London enabled him and Zouwu to determine where they should go. And so, with Yusuf in tow, they set out along the planned path.

As opposed to Nicholas Flamel’s residence:

During his time in Flamel House, Yusuf remained unconscious for some time. Tina had assessed him by this time and concluded that he had made an Unflinching Vow. Kama’s eye parasite started wriggling as he tried to be interrogated by the witch, who was convinced he knew where Credence was hiding. Yusuf’s eyes widened for a second as Newt carefully extracted it with the tweezers. He mumbled something about how he had to kill before passing out again.

The Secret of the Lestrange Mausoleum:

The conjurer jumped out of bed and raced to the Lestrange Mausoleum in Pere Lachaise. Yusuf had the Muggle in his wand’s grip when Jacob, Credence, and Nagini arrived. Shortly later, Newt, Tina, and Leta Lestrange were inside the tomb. Leta has a half-brother named Credence, Yusuf told the group. Kama explained that his mother, Laurena became pregnant with Leta after being enchanted by Corvus Lestrange. Yusuf continued, saying that he had intended to kill Leta to keep his promise to his father, Mustafa.

Inaugural Rally of the Grindelwald Fan Club:

Yusuf was present at the tomb when those who supported Gellert Grindelwald assembled. At the rally, Yusuf saw Grindelwald project World War II onto the screen. One of Theseus Scamander’s Aurors used deadly force in self-defense, killing a pure-blood witch shortly after their arrival. Grindelwald separated his allies from his enemies by conjuring a circle of black fire before sending them out to spread the message. Trust is in good hands with Tina’s younger sister and Jacob’s girlfriend, Queenie Goldstein.


Yusuf kama was so devious that he even managed to fool Tina, a veteran Auror. So committed was he to keep the Unbreakable Vow his father, Mustafa Kama, had him swear that he tracked down and killed Corvus Lestrange. That’s why he fooled and trapped Newt Scamander, Tina Goldstein, and Jacob Kowalski and threatened to kill Kowalski if the No-Maj stood in his way.


Do you suppose Yusuf has deceived us, Dumbledore?

As soon as Yusuf arrives to join Grindelwald, the evil wizard asks Queenie, a natural Legilimens who can read minds, to confirm that Yusuf intends to betray Dumbledore.

Yusuf Kama’s plan to fool Grindelwald hinges on?

After his sister Leta was assassinated by Albus in the pursuit of justice, Grindelwald recruited Yusuf to become a double spy. To allow Yusuf to turn against Albus, Grindelwald erased his memory of Leta before drafting him.